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This project will create a village plan for the communities of Patumahoe village and Mauku.  It is the development of a process that intends to provide local people with an effective voice in mapping the future of our villages in the next ten years and beyond.

The process was initiated after it was apparent that despite unprecedented residential growth, community facilities and reserves were not likely to be reviewed under the (then current) Franklin District plan.

After this issue was raised with Franklin District Council staff and councillors, it was advised that the best method of addressing unmitigated growth in the community would be to make a submission for the LTCCP that would be adopted in June 2012.

The LTCCP is a priority plan for resources and spending and covers a period of ten years.  This plan is reviewed every three years, so usually changes are additions that are added to the previous plan to determine budget allocations and priorities.

Following this direction, a community group was formed in October 2010 – Patumahoe Village Inc – and the committee has been working on this project since this time.  Initial submissions for the LTCCP start in September 2011.

Given the short time frame a series of consultation methods have been adopted:

  • Community workshop – initial factfinding
  • Questionnaires – a series of paper and online documents,
  • Online blog – now replaced with community website,
  • Newsletters,
  • Street parties – attended by approx 140 people,
  • Community Open Day – attended by approx 250 people,
  • Community websites – including online forum, and postings on project,
  • Community meetings.
First Community Meeting - initial Brainstorming

First Community Meeting – initial brainstorming

One of the neighbourhood street parties 2011

One of the neighbourhood street parties 2011


The amalgamation of our district councils has been a mixed bag.  Amalgamation has meant a concerted review of all planning documents, which has created both an opportunity for a review of the situation in Patumahoe and the requirement of committee members to upskill in terms of planning trends.  However, this has also meant that a strict timeline had to be followed, which meant that efforts and consultation had to be concentrated for a shorter period of time than we would have preferred.

Given that time restraint we have attempted to provide multiple means of engagement and consultation and thank all those who have participated.  We welcome any comments and suggestions from our residents, property and business owners.

We are also aware that many residents are not happy with current or future planned growth and are reluctant to participate in discussions due to this concern.  As a group, we are concerned that the only mention of Patumahoe in strategy documents produced by Franklin District Council, Auckland Regional Council, the Auckland Council – Auckland Unleashed, Local Board plan – is to refer to it as a growth node.  This submission is to ensure that any growth is done in a considered and planned manner so that the values of Patumahoe village & Mauku are protected, and even enhanced.  At present, this consideration is not included in any planning strategies.

We encourage those who are still concerned to make their own submissions and to participate in ongoing council consultation by signing up with the Auckland Council People’s Panel.

PVI meetings are also open to the community – whether you are members or not.  We invite you to come along to meetings as they occur.

We have endeavoured to consider the possible effects on all existing residents, property and business owners, and where possible, have favoured recommendations that have a positive impact on their property values or businesses.

This Village Plan is intended to provide a framework for planning and decision making on matter concerning development, integration of established and new neighbourhoods, and protection and enhancement of community values.

The document provides a guide to Auckland Council and the Local Board when considering extra growth and community spatial planning.

It is hoped that by submitting this plan for inclusion in the LTCCP, residents will have a documented record of their vision for Patumahoe village and Mauku, and that this will ensure that both communities are safeguarded against developments which will undermine the qualities that make this area special, and that work done by local government to protect and enhance the village will be undertaken in a systematic and co-ordinated manner.


Patumahoe Village Inc

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