7. History / Heritage

There is a significant amount of living history still tethered to Patumahoe by the continued presence of long established families.  Further back, we have significant Maori settlement and history.


More recently, Patumahoe was a thriving rural community in the 1940-s and 1950’s boasting facilities, clubs and services that many a modern day community would love to have.  A department store, dairy, mill, several petrol stations, billiard room and hotel.


Development should be sensitive to this history and background, and acknowledge and enhance this history while moving us forward.

At present, there is a current project underway by local residents to relocate the Scout Hall (Mareretu Ave) to a site on the Clive Howe reserve.

This relocated Hall will be available for community use, and is intended to act as a repository of local archival history items and documents.



7.1 History collation & preservation

PVI offers the use of the community website pages for any residents or groups interested in collating, discussing or preserving local history anecdotes, photos, documents or stories.  Training or assistance will be given to those who require or request it by contacting us by mailing: P O Box 172, Patumahoe or emailing: patumahoevillage2050@gmail.com.

7.2 Village walkway/cycleway network

Community information is required to determine sites of historical significance.  Where possible these sites should be included in network planning, and accompanied by relevant signage or sculptures.

8 history Patumahoe Post and Telegraph office


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