5.1 Traffic


Most – if not all – respondents indicated concern over the growing number of vehicles travelling throughout the village and the speeds at which they travel, as well at the increase in both volume and speed on the surrounding rural 100km roads.


Concern was also expressed on the current (and expected) use of heavy traffic that uses the village as a through way.  Engine braking noise was also a problem for some residents.


Narrow roads with no footpaths/shoulders make pedestrian and cycle access hazardous for both utility and recreational use.  Many parents feel that they have little option but to transport children to schools, adding to key congestion areas, because of above concerns.


Some noted that school bus pickups/dropoffs appeared to be in hazardous places.


Without public transport, youth have no options but cars or parents.


Mixed opinions on the two recently installed traffic calming ‘crossings’ in Patumahoe near the school –   feedback from pedestrians and cyclists is that it creates a dangerous pinch point – “ the new slow down for school traffic islands now make walking with a pushchair more dangerous – I have to go on the road to get past them…” – young parent.


Our community is missing out on health, social, recreational and economic benefits due to a transport system that is completely car centred.


Current planning discussion documents (Auckland Council Unleashed discussion document, Draft Local Board Plan) have no key traffic or transport projects/priorities for the Patumahoe/Mauku area.


Suggestions from participants:

  • Speed restrictions
  • Reduce speed in the centre of town – consider new road design incorporating traffic calming features/roundabouts,
  • Localised narrowing of roads and surface changes,
  • Signage and heavy traffic restrictions,
  • Heavy traffic bypass,
  • Need pedestrian crossings,
  • School bus stops need urgent review,
  • Look at speed calming devices/measures
  • Create new roads that support established businesses and take the pressure off the current single route system,
  • Bypass corridor designed to take into account increased traffic not only from Patumahoe village growth, but planned Kingseat development,


Other considerations:

The option of diverting traffic from the village is a very controversial issue, as traffic detracts from a safe environment but on the other hand it also takes business away from the village.






5.1.1 Traffic Calming village entrances


We would like traffic calming measures to be put in place at identified locations at all four entrances to the village.  This should be completed before or at the time of the Kingseat development which will have a decided impact on traffic movement in Patumahoe village.


These methods should  include:

  • Change of road surface (ie to cobblestones for 3 – 5 metres ) to provide visual, auditory and physical indications to drivers that they are entering/leaving a residential area,
  • Considered planting alongside this road to give a visual indication to drivers to slow down, and also reiterate the rural village aesthetic,
  • Appropriate and locally defined welcome signs, that reinforce the notion that as drivers they are entering as guests to a village area that is specifically designed for residents – not drivers,
  • Review of recently installed traffic calming devices for Patumahoe School, which seem both functionally and aesthetically inappropriate for their location.


5.1.2 Blackspot identification and remedial works

Identification and remedy of blackspots immediately, before the increase in traffic volume increases the likelihood of accidents and injury.  This request has been included in out Local Board Annual Plan submission – August 2010.


5.1.3 School Bus Stop review

A request for a critical review of school bus stops and execution of resultant solutions or recommendations, has been included in our Local Board Annual Plan submission – August 2010.


5.1.4 Transport Processes and Projects

We would like all local residents and groups to be considered stakeholders in Transport projects, and PVI is willing to pass on information from organisations that are involved with any traffic process or project to keep the community informed.  We also ask that our local Board, and Auckland Council support us with any interaction with Auckland Transport, other roading or transport agencies, and provide any necessary resource allocations that can address these safety issues in a cohesive and planned manner.

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