2. Village Aesthetics

2 Village aesthetics 2Many comments also made note of the appreciation of the current built form.  Without trying to impose constraints on business or property owners, we would like consideration to be given to defining some kind of direction for developers.

Suggestions from participants

  • Retain current heritage look to the built form of the village and require new structures to follow this aesthetic,
  • Create a boutique village that encapsulates the history of the village and encourages a continuation of community and rural life,
  • Create plantings that reflect the rural and natural environment surrounding the residential area
  • Put power lines underground where possible.


Other considerations

  • Without including in planning documents it is possible to provide guidelines to private property owners and developers – especially within the village centre.  This will enable designs and buildings to follow a defined form without requiring imposing this restriction on development.
  • Consider the impact on existing businesses and residents when defining a point of difference.  For example, when considering a boutique village, how will we ensure that basic goods and services remain reasonably priced for local residents – and should we limit the size or scale of actitivities in order to maintain the connection with a working environment rather than a tourism one?


Planning advice:

Define your “point of difference”.  Once this has been defined, it makes it easier to determine how to achieve this in terms of village green, built form, landscaping etc.  It can be used in any brief for a spatial planner.





2.1  Village Aesthetics

As a rural village with a strong horticultural background and ancient tangata whenua ties, we believe that development and planning should reflect these histories, and include the natural environment which surrounds and supports us.

Therefore our relevant point of difference is maintained by considering the following aspects during planning and development projects:

  • Retain the feel and function of a working rural community,
  • Encourage sympathetic built form in new buildings in central village hub,
  • Create network of accessible natural environment within our residential areas,
  • Design community central hub that can be used for local market days or farmers markets.


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