Patumahoe Structure Plan 2012

As at October 2011 – a Patumahoe Village Plan is available for a final community review.

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Full document – pdf file

Patumahoe Village Plan – Final Draft Review October 2011 by PatumahoeVillageInc

Printer-friendly pdf file (no graphics)

Patumahoe Village Plan – Final Draft Review October 2011 – Print Friendly by PatumahoeVillageInc

Patumahoe Village Inc was formed in response to the discovery that Franklin District Council had no plans to enhance or upgrade our community facilities and spaces to offset the impact of the large scale residential development that was taking place.

Apologies to Mauku residents and property owners for the chosen name for our community group, which was formed in some haste in order to apply for a funding grant from the soon to be dismantled Auckland Regional Council.

The LIDIG (Low Impact Design Implementation) grant was awarded to help us consult with the communities of Patumahoe village and Mauku in order to come up with a concept brief that identifies what we value and love about our corner of the world.

It is our intent to submit a community designed Structure Plan to Auckland Council, that addresses the currently unresolved issues of commercial zoning, community spaces and linkages, and future proofing our communities for years to come.

In order to do this we have designed a consultation plan to help us get in touch with as many residents as possible.

  • offer free membership to the Patumahoe Village Inc community group;
  • hold open monthly meetings for all residents;
  • hold street parties for all residential streets in Patumahoe/Mauku;
  • open day to display opinions/information gathered so far
  • provide online community website to publish results and invite further discussion.

At this time, we have held five street parties which have been attended by approx 120 households.  Thank you to all who have attended and provided your input.

An Open Day was held on Sunday 15 May 2011 – and was well attended by 250 people.

All this information will be collated and used to create a framework to follow in order to provide the best result for ALL Patumahoe village and Mauku residents.


There are other communities that are working together to keep their voices heard in the new council structure.

Bombay is already well on the way to coordinating with council to create a well-planned recreational facility and community centre, by coordinating community groups and clubs with the local primary school.

You can view their community plan document on the Bombay school website: Bombay Community Multisport Development – Community Plan

At present, a road map for this project has not yet been created for Patumahoe or Mauku, but this will be the next stage in this process.