Submission to LTCCP 2012-2022

Following is a copy of the submission made to Auckland Council by Patumahoe Village Inc.

We have made this submission by using the information and opinions gained by consultation, and reviewing concerns and ideas expressed by local residents. The draft copies of the consultation can be viewed online or downloaded from the same pages.

The March 2012 presentation to the Local Board can be viewed and downloaded here.

We have found that many concerns have been alleviated by discussion, and direct communication with those who have taken time to come along and talk.

To summarise the submission, we approached topics from both the general ratepayers view and Patumahoe specific. We have proposed a structure that would allow ongoing determination of priorities and projects from a community level, as well as one that can accommodate changes and shifts when necessary.

A community meeting will be held within the next few months – or you are welcome to attend a committee meeting when they are scheduled. Calendar for Patumahoe Village Inc events and meetings can be found here.

We have also proposed that a system of community consultation is designed so that community, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport all have a recognised of transferring information in both directions. We think this will both inform the community and encourage better planning and project outcomes and efficiencies.

The written submission to Auckland Council can be viewed and/or downloaded below. Please note it may take a while to load this page:
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LTP 2012-2022 Submission