Auckland Council

When discussing local requirements and plans – it is worthwhile considering some of the other criteria that Auckland Council use for decision making.

When creating the Auckland Unleashed discussion document, they created a short video which is a relatively quick way of informing yourself of some of them:



The Auckland Unleashed submissions period closed on 31 May 2011 and review is now underway.

This plan spans 30years and is reviewed every ten.

Submissions that have been made by Patumahoe Village Inc in regards to this document can be viewed here.

We have also made submissions to the Local Board Annual Draft Plan which defines priorities and allocates budgets for the next three years at Local Board level – and which is reviewed every year.

Our village plan submission will be made within the next two months – Sept/Oct 2012 – as part of the ten year LTCCP, which is reviewed every three years. This ten year plan also defines priorities and budgets but at Auckland region level, and is reviewed every three years.