Local Board Presentation 6 March 2012 – for LTCCP

This page is a record of the presentation that was made to the Local Board, on Tuesday 6 March 2012.

It proposes solutions for the concerns that were raised in community consultation.

Slideshow file is too big to be uploaded, but is available if you contact us.
Thumbnails of slides have been included in the word document so that presentation can be seen in that format.

The notes are indicative of the words that were spoken, but time was short due to the inaccurate timekeeping of our coordinator. However, the Local Board were informed and a written submission aligned to the draft LTP will be made and published online.

Below are:
The presentation notes
The videos associated with the presentation
The Local Board 6 March 2012 Summary doc

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Local Board Presentation 6 March 2012 – Slide notes

Due to confusion (on my part) over the length of time we had been allocated, this is a reference document rather than a direct transcription. We hope to arrange an informal meeting with the Local Board to answer their questions and to cover further aspects.
Presentation Notes – Local Board 6 March 2012

Patumahoe village centre – 50 years from now – Youtube video

Remember… this is just a quick model to show the Local Board what is possible with forward thinking. We are asking for Auckland Council to provide planning resources to review Patumahoe’s zoning, and provide the community with a long term spatial plan to meet village objectives.

How the Dutch got their cycleways – Youtube video

Local Board Presentation 6 March 2012 – Summary handout

Local Board 6 March 2012 Summary