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(Originally posted 14 September 2010;

There have been some astounding developments over the last three months, especially considering the speed that things are happening.
  • Five meetings later, we are applying for a $20,000 funding, to start the process of preparing a design plan and allowing comprehensive community consultation.  We hope to apply for other funding to supplement these funds.
  • We understand that at least two further subdivisions are proposed, in addition to the two existing subdivisions.  The Franklin District Council staff admit that their figures may be very conservative, given that Patumahoe has not been addressed specifically.  Their figures for 2050 are already demonstrably out of date and their long term plan for Patumahoe village is now not appropriate.
  • With the Kingseat and Belmont Road approved developments, there could be another 10,000 people on the outskirts of Patumahoe and it’s surrounding communities.
  • A general meeting will be held to adopt a constitution for the Incorporated Society (formal structure necessary to obtain funding), elect a management committee and prepare the submission for funding to the ARC.  There are some tricky little issues to decide such as who should be members of the Village, composition of the management committee etc.
1st AGM of Patumahoe Village 2050 Inc. Society
Venue:  Patumahoe Junior Rugby Clubrooms
Date:     Tuesday, 21st September 2010

Time:     7.00pm for 7.30pm start
(information and constitution copies are available for viewing)

To view Draft Constitution online:  Patumahoe Village 2050 Incorporated Society

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Council Meeting, Friday 3 September 2010

(originally posted on 2 September 2010;

(A meeting was initiated by Des Morrison, and took place at the Franklin District Council offices this morning).

Attending:  Kurk Brady, Paula Crosswell – Patumahoe Village 2050
FDC: Rob Harris – District Planning Manager, Jane McCartney,
Des Morrison – Councillor

For my part, this meeting was very helpful in terms of defining the best way forward regarding the District Plan.

I will upload the flowcharts and processes drawn by Rob Harris during the meeting, which were helpful and actually fitted in well with the model we had started to consider.  (They will need to be rewritten as they don’t scan well.)

Due to the time restraints before council transition, there is one last meeting for Patumahoe Village to have their campaign recognised by the Franklin District Council before the November 1 2010 deadline.  Rob Harris has offered to speak to Sally Davis (FDC CEO) and put this campaign as an item on the final agenda which will be set by next Thursday.  Des Morrison will also be approaching Sally Davis on our behalf.  I will send Rob a letter of intent and group structure so that he has that available.  A formal organisation will have a better chance of being incorporated into the projects currently being packaged to be passed on than an informal group, and the decision to form the Incorporated Society will be included in the letter of intent.

The commitment of council, be it Franklin or Auckland Council, to process a comprehensively reviewed plan change, is in the order of approximately $1,000,000 from start to finish.  That would be their commitment to the process.

Our required commitment would be to engage and consult with community effectively.  Using our own organisation, council staff, professionals or a combination of the three.

Then providing a steering committee to act as stakeholders throughout the process of brief to concept plan and finally to submission to Auckland Council.

This would mean a commitment for committee members of one to two years.

If we are not successful in initiating this comprehensive review, Patumahoe, though identified as a community of high-growth has not been targeted as a community that will require individual review.
Part of this is due to the fact there is no formal group to approach or work with.

Rob has also identified key staff members that will be retained to work for the Franklin District in the new Auckland Council structure.

Jane McCartney has provided the newly compiled Franklin District Council statistics:

In 2009, Franklin District Council updated their own figures, and have a revised figure of 940 residents (from 639 in 2004) and applied their expected growth to 2050 to be only 2% .  For those wondering how this is calculated, it is not, the Franklin District Average is applied to any area that has not been individually researched.  Such as Patumahoe.

I will post more details on the way forward, when we hear whether we have been successful in being included in the final agenda.

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