Minutes 7 February 2011

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Patumahoe Village Incorporated
Minutes 7th February 2011
Prior to the meeting Trevor McMiken and Ben Petch (planning consultant involved in the Kingseat Road subdivision) undertook a site visit to the Kingseat Road development. At the site visit discussion took place regarding some community concerns over issues such as grading, views, neighbourhood parks, reserves and buffer zones.  The main issues raised here surrounded the density of the houses and the views from up on the hill.
Meeting Opened at 7:00pm
Present: Paula Crosswell, Vicki Lacy, Kurk Brady, Iris Tscharntke, Suzanne Avison, Louise Sinclair, Andrew Sinclair, Dave Puflett, Glenn Hunter, Bruce McMiken, Trevor McMiken, Gary Morris, Wayne Carter, Matt Earle, Kevan Thompson, Angela Smith, Peter Kraakman, Jay Patel
Apologies: Stuart Searle, Ron Gordon
Item 1: Kingseat Road development proposal
Ben Petch, a planner who is involved in the Kingseat Road development discussed issues and concerns which had been raised by the community.
He outlined the following:
Iwi Consultation
–  Iwi consultation is being undertaken at the moment.
– Archaeologists looked over the site and there is no need for further archeological survey. 

Density Controls

Discussion took place over some community concerns regarding the selling of properties and density controls in Patumahoe. Ben outlined that minimum lot size since the rural plan change is 800m², and anything smaller has to go through council.  The sites at Kingseat range from 600m² – 1400m². These sites will have more density towards the town centre, and will be bigger at the rural side to maintain rural feel and character. The average size of a site at the development is 900m².
Ben stated that the Kingseat Road development will avoid grading if possible, but some will be required for the road and retaining walls. Where retaining walls are required landscaping will be used to reduce amenity and visual impacts.
Design Elements
Discussion took place on design elements, gateways, the central park and the commercial corner.  It was noted that there is a need to balance the private and public aspects of individual plots with regards to restricting view from the buffer zone and walkway up the hill.
The views from Patumahoe Hill were further discussed, and there were suggestions to raise the centre mound of the hill in order to increase views from the top.
Discussion then took place over street names and who decides them. Suggestions for street names were old Patumahoe family names or related to history in some way.   A suggestion that an investigation into traditional Maori names for some of our local landmarks was forwarded.
Submissions from members or community can be sent via Patumahoe Village Inc to be forwarded on to Auckland Council and the McMikens.
Item 2: Minutes from Last meeting
Paula Crosswell noted the minutes from the last meeting which included discussion on: the school carpark, the website, street parties, banner, advertising and planning resources.
Item 3: Treasurers Report
Vicki went over the treasurer’s report for December, which included stamp duty, setting up expenses for Paula (previous meetings etc). All approved prior to December.
– Street party, $104 was spent for food and refreshments for the first street party that happened at the end of 2010. These refreshments were not all used so will be used for the next street parties.
Item 4: Chairpersons Report
Street Parties
–             Discussion was successfully initiated at the first street party.
– Neighbours met, 5 households were present, plus the Askews and four members of the Village Incorporated Society attended.
This has been slow going with constant meetings being held. The website is now up and looking better but more work is still needed.
–          There a several different sections on the website which include local news, sports, and nature and environment.
–          One part of the site is a business directory. Payment is $100 for hosting business details on the site.  These have to be local business or local resident. Non Profit groups and charities are free, e.g. book group
–          There is also notice boards and classifieds: 2nd hand goods are free, but cars and other items may be charged for. This will be moderated.
–          Moderator is Paula Crosswell at the moment. She has contacted sports club and sought approval to contact other activities of people in Franklin and Pukekohe. This was agreed upon at the meeting.
Penny Pirrit from the Auckland Council replied to Paula’s planning resources letter and outlined that the council has a number of plans in the implementation phase, and are currently preparing a report of ‘area spatial planning’ for March and April. This report will outline the approach to preparation of new towns and villages.  John Duguid, the councils plan development manager is to get in contact with Paula and discuss potential ways forward.
– Des Morrison is putting the group forward under the spatial plan, which means there may be resources allocated.
– Sports and Recreation:
Committee is needed and someone to liaise between the codes. Current population projections by council need to be challenged with statistics and backup. A breakdown of how many people use the sports grounds, how often, where they come from etc. This will make the Patumahoe catchment bigger, and will help identify the next 10-15 years sports wise and the needs of the general village area. Glen is to coordinate a questionnaire for the sports clubs.
Traffic and Cycling:
Walkway:  Iris Tscharntke requested approval to apply for a grant for a footpath from the corner of Hunters Road to the village. This application was to Holsom, who sponsor half the cost of walkways. Approval and backing of group was sought and passed unanimously. Cycle Action Network: Going to committee and getting back to us.  A committee was formed to address this area, Louise Sinclair, Iris Tscharntke and Suzanne Avison to organise.
Nature and Environment:
Committee to identify areas of environmental significance. Need people who are keen to join the group and identify these.  Andrew Sinclair to talk to the Whakapouko Landcare Group to get indications of interest to form a working party/committee.
Historic Buildings:
Church (Scout and Guide Hall) currently located on Mareretu Road.
Discussion was raised of the moving of the church. The church is to go on public land and will remain public. It has been given to community by scouts as long as they can sell site. Church can be used as an additional teaching room and could also have a room for local history.
It was noted that Kay Carter wishes to address the group on this particular matter in the future.  There is a need to identify historic information and record it and allow access. Angela to help and also noted that the classrooms at Patumahoe School are available for meetings and printing. 

2012 submission is limited but Hayden Weston has given the group an extension.
– Deadline for group is July next year but waiting on Auckland Councils spatial plan.
–  Because of deadlines the village open day needs to be before the end of April (for concept brief and considerations)

Other Items
Street Parties
Kurk Brady to take over the coordination of these street parties.
Dates still need to be confirmed for two street parties but the following details are confirmed:
Mauku: Angela Smith/ Peter and Ngari Kraakman – 409 Union Road, Sunday 27th February
Kingseat/Mauku Road: Karena Brady-Leathem (2363073) – 23 Kingseat Road, 3-5pm Sun 27th Feb
Mareretu Avenue: Lisa Rolston (rolston@actrix.co.nz) – 7 Mareretu Avenue, Date & Time T.B.C.
Woodhouse Road:    Peter Hardy (0274586156) –  Location, Date & Time T.B.C.
Information from these street parties will be collated and filtered down to concept brief.
Vicki requested the use of a postbox which has a fee of $145. Approval was given for this. 

Open Day

Discussion of dates for Open Day: Decided on Sunday 10th April 2011.
Need more people to sign up to village group. The more members of group, the more funding we are likely to get.
Meeting closed at 9pm

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Minutes Tuesday 7 December 2010

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Patumahoe Village Inc
Minutes: Tuesday 7 December 2010
(Notes:  Due to technical difficulties (computer failure) and lack of written notes, the minutes for the last meeting have been recreated. For that reason no movers and seconders have been recorded. This to my recollection is the summary of the items that were moved and seconded during the meeting. Please advise if any inaccuracies are noted)
Paula Crosswell, Gary Morris, Vicki Lacy, Keith Harris, Bruce McMiken, Trevor McMiken, Peter Kraakman, Angela Smith, Kay Carter, Peter Askew
Ron Gordon, Glenn Hunter, Andrew Sinclair, Annette Smith
Meeting opened: 7.30pm
1. Patumahoe School carpark project involving council reserve land
The meeting began with a brief welcome to those who had not attended any previous meetings. This included Keith Hardy and Kay Carter who were specifically involved in a discussion with the school and council regarding a project for extending the school carparks into the reserve adjoining the school.
The result of this situation:
• The school carpark project proposed for council reserve land will not take place.
• Both Patumahoe School and Auckland Council will consult with the community, and/or this group when contemplating changes to community reserves or facilities.
It was noted that valuable information relating to Patumahoe’s community history needs to be recorded to avoid repetition of the situation that occurred. With participation of long term residents perhaps local histories can be recorded and distributed. Part of the proposed website is assigned to Local History and could be utilised for this purpose.
2. Community consultation progress and methods.
A brief summary of the intent of the group regarding the Structure Plan was given to get all meeting participants up to date.
Decisions reached regarding this topic during the meeting:
• Street parties are to be held for all residential streets in Patumahoe,
• Information collected will be displayed for community review at a village open day on February 27th 2011.
The first street party is to be on December 16th at Peter and Ali Askews residence in Carter Road. This will serve the residents of Patumahoe Road, Sedgebrook and Carter Roads.
Hosts for other roads have been identified as:
Graeme & Britta Weck – Clive Howe Road, Mahoe Glade
Tania Collie – Mareretu Road
Peter Kraakman & Angela Smith – Mauku
Karena Brady-Leathams – Kingseat & Mauku Roads
Confirm host for Woodhouse Road.
The village open day is set for Sunday 27th February, this will coincide with the launch of the community website.
3. Community Website
Intended to provide community online presence for both Patumahoe and Mauku which will be linked in many areas.
Andy Davey, Cicada Websites is a local resident that has been employed to build the site. He has been given the Plimmerton website, www.plimmerton.org.nz as a template to base his style and form on. A deposit of 50% of his written quote has been approved to initiate work, this amounts to $1,380.00.
Free online listings for non-profit groups, clubs and organisations.
Businesses will be canvassed for advertising, with business directory providing listing, free webpage and links to their own website if they own one. Fee $100/year.
Sandra Utatao has been approached to sell advertising to our businesses.
4. Purchase of banners and advertising material
Approval was sought for and given to purchase banners and other items that will be used for the street parties and open days and to advertise the community website. Estimate for purchase of items from Vistaprint is approx $500. This purchase was approved.
5. Requirement for extra planning resources
Paula Crosswell noted that it is apparent that despite our generous grant, we would need further resources in order to produce the best design and submission to Auckland Council in 2102. With that in mind, a draft of a letter to the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Roger Blakely, was read out to the meeting. ( A copy of this letter is attached to these minutes). It was unanimously approved for sending.
The meeting was closed at around 9.20pm

Schools, pools and automobiles…

(Originally posted 29 November 2010; www.patumahoevillage.blogspot.com)

(…perhaps a bit of a misnomer – but I couldn’t resist.  Note: the following is almost sheer editorial comment)
During the last couple of weeks, as I have been driving past the Patumahoe Rugby clubrooms, I have occasionally noticed people hard at work.  For some reason, I have made the assumption that those grafting away are not council driven, committee driven or otherwise.  I have the impression that a job needed to be done, and they are getting on with it.  Without fanfare, without interference, the work is getting done.  This impression is reinforced by the contact I have had over the last week, regarding the concern over the unconsulted work on the domain fringes.  This approach of – see the need – get it done, has a long and rich history in Patumahoe.
Along with the grafters, there have been the forward thinkers.  The people who have seen possibilities and have endeavoured and succeeded in making ideas come to fruition.  Again, often without public acknowledgement or need for it.  I have been fortunate in having so many contact me with rich local history of the domain, the playground and more of the same over  the last few days.  So much of Patumahoe heritage is held in memories and anecdotes, and as a new resident, it is always interesting to be informed of the depth and breadth of community spirit that often lies invisibly at the heart of places.
We also need to add to the grafters, and possibility makers the rare few who are prepared to put their head above the parapets and say “Hang on, what’s the story here?”.  They also have a vital role to play in making a community live.
During the recent flurry over the use of domain land for school carparks, we have had all three.
Regardless of final resolution, the community once again benefits from this dilemma.
We have a resident, who, well aware of the controversy that may result, takes action when no other avenue has been previously offered, and is prepared to take the flak.  We have a much valued school, who, instead of digging in it’s heels and creating conflict, acknowledges a courtesy omission (not a legislative one) and offers to sit and talk through concerns.  And we now have a council directive that specifies that any changes to community property or facilities in Patumahoe from this point on, will be advertised and consulted on before resource consents are issued. 

From conflict, we have resolution – we should appreciate that the Patumahoe community is robust enough to handle situations without need for standtaking or lines drawn in the sand.

I am under no illusions that the work we are trying to undertake regarding future community spaces and linkages –  if successful – will be just another small drop in an overflowing bucket.  And although we are trying to avoid the mistake of misinformation, hope that if we are making a critical error in our reasoning, someone will stand up and tell us – so that we can correct ourselves and move on.
Thriving communities have members of all sorts of personalities, the grafters, the planners, the quiet providers –  and those willing to be targets…  Patumahoe appears to be bursting at the seams with all of these.
Other communities should be so lucky.
Final note: During the week, I have received a lot of information regarding the history and background to the domain, the playground, and importantly, work that has been going on regarding the relocation of the Scout Hall to the domain playground area.  All of which, is fundamental to understanding the concern shown by some for the unconsulted use of the domain grounds for the school carparks.
I have been asked to publish one of these letters on this blog, which I am more than happy to do, and which has prompted the post above.  Since this time, I have received another letter for which the author has given me permission to publish.
Letters from Kay Carter and Keith Hardy are below, along with a copy of the resolution of this issue which Ron Gordon has given us permission to publish. 

Old Church project
Calling for expressions of interest
Many of you will be aware of the old church on Mareretu Ave- the only public historic building left in Patumahoe. It has a rich local history, doubled as the first school (on a different site) and was built of swamp kauri milled from a local farm.
Since the Scout Movement (present owners/administrators) has lapsed in Patumahoe, there have been some efforts made by the Patumahoe Emergency Support Charitable Trust (largely because the trust has a protective infrastructure already set up) to negotiate moving the church to a new site so the scouts can deal with the sale of their section.
On 18 December 2006 the scouting Assoc. agreed to gift the church to the above trust .We understand the scouts intend to use the majority of the proceeds to upgrade the camp at Schlaepher Park , thus keeping the money in the local area and using it for community purposes, which continues  the spirit of the original congregation/scout  negotiation. They have also agreed in principle to contribute some funds towards the removal and re-establishment of the building on Clive Howe Reserve.
In the last few years the school has made use of the church as an extra teaching space, there has been the happy occasion of a wedding, and the school has indicated it would like to continue using the church—keeping in mind this may fit in with some other community activities (such as further weddings!) It is intended that it be registered with the Historic Places Trust.
The use by the school breathes life and value into this old building, and it is great to think children in the 21st century will grow up and say “I was taught in that old church”.
We have a copy of a letter from Greg Lowe, Parks officer dated 25th October 2006 , Ref R600/P03 that the council agreed in principle to the relocation of the building onto the “passive” area of the reserve ,and have had discussions up until very recently with Mark Balle (ex mayor) on the subject.
Whatever the outcome of the present discussions about the proposed school carpark, the placement of the church in this area adjacent to the school needs to be factored in to the satisfaction of interested parties.
We feel this is a community project with considerable legitimacy.
However there are planning, safety and technical issues, discussions and negotiations with council and interested parties still to be made in order to take this project forward. It is time for more of the community to be involved.
For further information, and to register your interest, with a view to an initial meeting in the new year, you are welcome to contact
Kay or Bruce Carter    2363809
0274 366331

Copies to
Dr Paul Hutchison Member Parliament Hunua.
The Honourable Rodney Hide
Beverly Holden Chairperson Patumahoe School Board of Trustees.
Greg Lowe Team Leader Local and Sports Park South. Auckland Council.
Mr Des Morrison Elected Member Auckland Council.
Mr Len Brown Mayor Auckland City.
Mr Daniel Fulton Fulton of Swimming
Other I interested Parties.
Dear Mr Gordon,
Thank you for your letter of 26th November which has clarified several important matters.
Two of these are .
The proposed extensions are not for Fulton Swim School Patrons
The proposed School Car Park extensions are in your words solely to alleviate the issue of insufficient Staff Car Parking.
May I therefore respectfully point out that by adding the proposed new driveway to the extensions to the existing School; Staff Car Park at least one probably two spaces are lost due to the need for vehicles to access this proposed driveway.
May I respectfully further add that this additional entrance may well create additional hazard on the School grounds and definitely on the Reserve.
In my opinion it is grossly unfair to confiscate land and remove established native trees from a Reserve of which the School is one of the Major beneficiaries for access to parking exclusively for School Staff.
If you apply the same interpretations under the Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Act ( 2002 ) to identify and eliminate potential hazardous situations then this driveway should not be constructed.
Several days ago I walked from the Reserve Public Car Parking area to the School Office slowly.It took less than 90 seconds.This area has over 70 car park spaces marked and has room for perhaps another 20.
As for Staff arriving in the winter before daylight and leaving after dark I simply do not believe it. Remember my wife and I operated the School buses to this School for close to 20 years.
Even if it were true the first 18 vehicles to arrive already have space available at the School.
Again I wish the School well and have no wish to interfere with your organization.
However the confiscation of Reserve land and removal of mature Native trees for a few of the staff of an organization that operates little over 200 days a year and historically are mostly temporary residents is an insult to everyone else.
Once Park and Reserve land is taken it is lost forever.
I and a lot of others did not devote years of effort to see this happen.
Go ahead with your car park extensions if you really deem it necessary but leave our Reserve land alone..
Yesterday I received letter for Mr Andy Baker, Chair Franklin Local Board who is keen to assist with the resolution of this matter.
It is in everyone’s interest that this is resolved and that our wonderful School, Parks and Reserves are preserved and enhanced for the benefit of all residents.
Yours Faithfully,

Keith Hardy.

Ron Gordon has kindly given permission to publish the letter that resolves this issue:
Following our recent correspondence and discussions the Board of Trustees has decided not to progress with the planned car park extension.
We appreciate the strength of concern amongst some residents in regards to the proposed carpark.  The Board of Trustees does not wish the school to create animosity amongst our community.
We can understand from your point of view the historical aspects surrounding the establishment of the Council Reserve to its present day use.

The Board of Trustees has actively encouraged our school community to park in the Council car park, and will continue to do so.  However, we do not have a resolution to Council car parking requirements and the Board of Trustees will be considering other options to resolve this issue with respect to the safety of our staff.

Thank you for raising your concerns with us.

(Signed by:  Beverley Holden, Chairperson Board of Trustees
Ron Gordon, Principal
Patumahoe Primary School)

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Meeting 1 November 2010

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Meeting: 1 November 2010

Iris Tscharntke, Suzanne Avison, Andy Davey, Paula Crosswell, Bligh Hedges, Stuart Basham, David Puflett, Peter Kraakman, Glenn Hunter, Mike Michie, Sandra Utatao, Louise Sinclair, Bill Colgan.

Vicki Lacy, Andrew Sinclair, Peter Askew.

Meeting opened: 7.40pm

1. Quick summary of things that have happened so far:
– $40,000 LIDIG grant awarded by the ARC
– Hayden Easton, planner with the new Auckland Council will be working with us through the LIDIG process
– Patumahoe Village is now an Incorporated Society.

2. Election of Officers for Patumahoe Village Inc.
Paula Crosswell – Co Chairperson
Kurk Brady – Co Chairperson
Vicky Lacy – Treasurer
Moved: Glenn Hunter Seconded: Dave Puflett. Passed.

Paula reported that the required seal had been ordered.

Bank account to be opened when ARC cheque received.
All current three officers to be signatories.
Two signatures required for each withdrawal.
Moved: Paula Crosswell Seconded: Suzanne Avison. Passed.

3. Community Website proposal submitted by Andy Davy, Cicada websites.
Estimate for design, framework and hosting: approx $2,800 incl GST.
More time will be required for content management and loading, approx 200 – 300 hrs has been taken to load content on Plimmerton website which our design is based. View at: www.plimmerton.org.nz
Overall cost to get up and going will include this, and the cost of contacting all groups, organisations and businesses in Patumahoe/Mauku area.

Patumahoe Structure Plan submission in July 2012

Porirua City Council have been running a community strategy since 2004. This initiative approached small communities with the resources of council, a specific Planning Manager and support for the communities to consult, report and come up with their own community structure plans.

This has provided us with several models to emulate in our own design approach.

Discussion took place regarding Low Impact Design and Sustainability definitions. The level of both these design considerations will have to be determined by the community.

4. Consultation with Patumahoe/Mauku Community
Suggestion to follow Plimmerton’s example, given the small number of residential streets in urban Patumahoe.
Plimmerton held informal street parties, run by volunteer street hosts.
The information gathered at these events was collated and then presented back to the community at an open day full community event.

Proposed that Patumahoe Village request for volunteers to run street parties throughout the months of November, December and January. Deliver their findings to Patumahoe Village Inc by mid-Jan.

A Patumahoe Village (drop-in speak-out open day) Party will then be held in early February to display options, information received and get feedback. This party will encompass more than information, and will be designed to encourage participation at any level.

Discussion was made regarding giving as many as possible to the opportunity to have a say. A point was made that perhaps more direction might be required and that options needed to be given. Notice was also given to the fact that there was low attendance at the meeting and that it will be hard to generate interest.

Peter Kraakman mentioned that in his contact with Franklin District Council, they expressed preference for business zoning in the area south of Patumahoe.

Consultation Approach discussed:
· Despite method chosen, address specific concerns: about the centre (heart) of the village, traffic movement, business zoning, long-term community spaces and linkages;
· Street parties to be organised by 4 – 5 well known residents
· Have A0 corflute aerial map of village ready for street parties and discussions. Cost $180 from Sign Max, Pukekohe. Find some method of allowing designs to be drawn on and removed (possibly use a transparent film). Paula to arrange.
· Community open day in February to display information and gather feedback
· Website to be setup and funding/sponsorship sought
· Questionnaires be designed and left at village locations to allow residents who do not attend parties an opportunity to participate
· Approach existing Patumahoe School traffic group to see if they would like to address this issue for the community as a whole. Iris to follow up.
· Other groups regarding sports club long-term requirements, multi-use community centre, business groups, environmental groups to be established when needed.
· Matt Earle to be engaged to help with organisation of consultation at a rate of $20/hr. Approval for 40 hrs maximum. Any extra work will have to be submitted for approval for payment. Review as required.
Proposed that this approach be adopted.
Moved: Paula Crosswell Seconded: Dave Puflett

Other matters:
Identify paper roads in Patumahoe. Glenn Hunter mentioned an article recently in a rural magazine about paper roads. Iris Tschantke mentioned a website that allowed you to view existing paper roads.

Meeting closed: 21.25pm
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Meeting Monday 1 November 2010

(Originally posted 21 October 2010; www.patumahoevillage.blogspot.com)

Patumahoe Village is now an incorporated society, and we were successful in getting support from the ARC.  To find out how successful come along to the next meeting.  

Date and time: Monday 1st November 2010
Venue: Patumahoe Junior Rugby Clubrooms
Time: 7:30pm start
(Information/documents will be on display from 7pm)

Agenda for this meeting will be:
1.  Discussing ARC grant and requirements
2.  Appointing office holders
3.  Discussing how to consult the community in a comprehensive and credible way.
Current proposal is to hold street parties, and then a consolidation village party in   February to present the acquired information and to get feedback.  This method has worked well in Plimmerton.  (Remember: we need to have concept brief by April 2011)
4. Decide on method of communication of information to the community
– community website along with  newsletters and mailouts.
6.  Form the working party for the Structure Plan (need 8 people to work on this for two years).
7.  Other business
Mauku involvement

It would be a bonus to have the Mauku community involved, as the cost of including Mauku at this stage is nominal, especially in providing space on the website or on the newsletter, and creating a plan that includes the intention to consult with Mauku businesses and residents.   If you know of anyone from there that is interested, Mauku has been included in the Association area, and their involvement is welcome.

We also need to begin compiling lists of businesses and groups to consult – so – I have set up two online forms to start this process. 

You can click on the links below to add information:
Patumahoe Clubs, groups and organisations
Patumahoe Business Register

If you have any items you would like included on the agenda, email patumahoevillage2050@gmail.com

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Low Impact Design Innovation Grant

(Originally posted 5 October 2010; www.patumahoevillage.blogspot.com)

Cross your fingers for us.  Today is the day we are heading into the ARC to present an application for the Low Impact Design Innovation Grant. 

A cut-and pasted Google Docs version of the presentation documentation can be accessed by clicking the link below.  Apologies for the lack of images – these have to be individually inserted and I am running out of time….

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Patumahoe Village Incorporated

Thanks to all who made it along to the meeting on the 21st September 2010.
Click below to view the constitution:
For those who attended the amendments that were made can be accessed by clicking below:
We have had a consultation with a planner, who has reinforced our direction on how to go forward.   Vance recommends that we continue to consult, inform and work with community while lobbying councillors and board members to view Patumahoe as an area that requires considered design.
The more support we have from the community, the more we can confidently represent them.
Vance sees no requirement for a paid planning consultant at this stage.
Our ARC presentation is scheduled for next week, Wednesday October 6th 2010 2.30 -3.30pm.  ARC building, 21 Pitt Street, Auckland.
This presentation will be given to an ARC LIDIG panel, and is required to secure a possible $20,000 grant for Low Impact Design considerations to be made during our concept plan process.
If you wish to attend or participate please contact me on patumahoevillage2050@gmail.com.

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So far…

(Originally posted 14 September 2010; www.patumahoevillage.blogspot.com)

There have been some astounding developments over the last three months, especially considering the speed that things are happening.
  • Five meetings later, we are applying for a $20,000 funding, to start the process of preparing a design plan and allowing comprehensive community consultation.  We hope to apply for other funding to supplement these funds.
  • We understand that at least two further subdivisions are proposed, in addition to the two existing subdivisions.  The Franklin District Council staff admit that their figures may be very conservative, given that Patumahoe has not been addressed specifically.  Their figures for 2050 are already demonstrably out of date and their long term plan for Patumahoe village is now not appropriate.
  • With the Kingseat and Belmont Road approved developments, there could be another 10,000 people on the outskirts of Patumahoe and it’s surrounding communities.
  • A general meeting will be held to adopt a constitution for the Incorporated Society (formal structure necessary to obtain funding), elect a management committee and prepare the submission for funding to the ARC.  There are some tricky little issues to decide such as who should be members of the Village, composition of the management committee etc.
1st AGM of Patumahoe Village 2050 Inc. Society
Venue:  Patumahoe Junior Rugby Clubrooms
Date:     Tuesday, 21st September 2010

Time:     7.00pm for 7.30pm start
(information and constitution copies are available for viewing)

To view Draft Constitution online:  Patumahoe Village 2050 Incorporated Society

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Regarding campaigns and those who are in them…

(Originally posted2 September 2010; www.patumahoevillage.blogspot.com)

For your own information:
Regarding campaigns and those who are in them…. 

Letters were sent to all current Franklin District Councillors, Dianne Glenn as our ARC representative, as well as Mark Ball and Murray Kay (Deputy Mayor), along with our local MP, Dr Paul Hutchinson.

Both Des Morrison (FDC) and Dianne Glenn (ARC) attended the meeting, along with Andy Baker who was informed of our group, and is standing for election to the local board.  Dan Lynch also sent his apologies as he was in recovery from a hip operation, but is keen to be involved.  Dan is also standing for the local board.

Dianne Glenn has put us in touch with an ARC LIDIG (Low Impact Design Innovation Grants) scheme in order to get some funding.  This scheme pays grants (usually to developers, ie Karaka Lakes, Kingseat have been funded)  in order to work with ARC planners to create concept plans that innovatively and effectively maintain water quality and design stormwater systems that are sustainable.  Hayden Easton from ARC will be coming to Patumahoe next Friday to view the area, and see whether we are eligible and how to go from there.  This grant process goes up to a maximum of $20,000.

Des Morrison, after attending the meeting and knowing how constrained the timing is, initiated a second meeting with Rob Harris and Jane McCartney in order to address our need to get included in the handover package to Auckland Council.  Rob Harris will be trying to get our group and our aims included in the final agenda for FDC which be finalised next Thursday.  If we are successfully included in the handover packages, access to council staff and resources becomes much easier.  For that – and the information we gained today – this meeting was very valuable.

I leave it up to you all to cast your own democratic votes but that is the contact we have had with all that are standing from the perspective of the Patumahoe Village 2050 group.

Happy voting — (Oxymoron for the day)

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Council Meeting, Friday 3 September 2010

(originally posted on 2 September 2010; www.patumahoevillage.blogspot.com)

(A meeting was initiated by Des Morrison, and took place at the Franklin District Council offices this morning).

Attending:  Kurk Brady, Paula Crosswell – Patumahoe Village 2050
FDC: Rob Harris – District Planning Manager, Jane McCartney,
Des Morrison – Councillor

For my part, this meeting was very helpful in terms of defining the best way forward regarding the District Plan.

I will upload the flowcharts and processes drawn by Rob Harris during the meeting, which were helpful and actually fitted in well with the model we had started to consider.  (They will need to be rewritten as they don’t scan well.)

Due to the time restraints before council transition, there is one last meeting for Patumahoe Village to have their campaign recognised by the Franklin District Council before the November 1 2010 deadline.  Rob Harris has offered to speak to Sally Davis (FDC CEO) and put this campaign as an item on the final agenda which will be set by next Thursday.  Des Morrison will also be approaching Sally Davis on our behalf.  I will send Rob a letter of intent and group structure so that he has that available.  A formal organisation will have a better chance of being incorporated into the projects currently being packaged to be passed on than an informal group, and the decision to form the Incorporated Society will be included in the letter of intent.

The commitment of council, be it Franklin or Auckland Council, to process a comprehensively reviewed plan change, is in the order of approximately $1,000,000 from start to finish.  That would be their commitment to the process.

Our required commitment would be to engage and consult with community effectively.  Using our own organisation, council staff, professionals or a combination of the three.

Then providing a steering committee to act as stakeholders throughout the process of brief to concept plan and finally to submission to Auckland Council.

This would mean a commitment for committee members of one to two years.

If we are not successful in initiating this comprehensive review, Patumahoe, though identified as a community of high-growth has not been targeted as a community that will require individual review.
Part of this is due to the fact there is no formal group to approach or work with.

Rob has also identified key staff members that will be retained to work for the Franklin District in the new Auckland Council structure.

Jane McCartney has provided the newly compiled Franklin District Council statistics:

In 2009, Franklin District Council updated their own figures, and have a revised figure of 940 residents (from 639 in 2004) and applied their expected growth to 2050 to be only 2% .  For those wondering how this is calculated, it is not, the Franklin District Average is applied to any area that has not been individually researched.  Such as Patumahoe.

I will post more details on the way forward, when we hear whether we have been successful in being included in the final agenda.

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