Community Conversation – Patumahoe Road new chicken operation


Many of you may have received the above flyer in your letterboxes sometime in the last couple of weeks.

PVI has been contacted by a few residents and one has stepped forward to hold a community meeting, where this proposal can be openly discussed and residents be given the opportunity to have their views and concerns aired.

This meeting will be held next Thursday 3 July 2014.

Venue: Patumahoe Primary School Hall
Time: 7pm – 9pm

At present there is no way to make a formal community submission, but this is intended to allow interested community members and residents an opportunity to share information, concerns, ideas and solutions. Please read through the information provided by Auckland Council below, and printout to bring along to the meeting if you are going to attend. This will ensure that everyone has the relevant information and eliminates waste.

Auckland Council has decided that the effects of this proposal are “no more than minor” and so, only submissions from four properties identified in the limited notification can make formal submissions – which are due by next Thursday 3 July 2014.

This decision can be challenged, and formal processes would require a challenge to go through the High Court.

However, we do have local representatives, and given that formal submissions and presentations have been made to Auckland Council over the last few years regarding an existing operation, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the community has already indicated that they are very interested in the development of any new operation.

(Note: Over the course of eighteen months, hundreds of residents were involved in the identification of concerns regarding the adverse effects of a chicken farm on Patumahoe Road. Discussion with the existing landowner, resulted in a solution of proposing a change of landuse for this property. This solution was then conveyed to community in face-to-face contact over the years, publication on the website, and direct mail to 1600 residents. Any comments received were in favour – absolutely none received in opposition to this solution. This request for landchange has been presented to the Franklin Local Board more than once, and in formal written submissions during Unitary Plan change process. The most recent submission being made on 28 February 2014.)

Two posts written by a Patumahoe resident – Peta Berry – have been posted online:
Council decides you are not affected!
Birds of a feather stick together

Peta Berry also created a Facebook page – Ban Chicken Layer Cages – which contains some of the information that she has collected and distributed so far.

An open invitation is issued to the property owners to contact us if they wish to provide information, or to publish their own articles or notes on this matter. Apologies for not getting in direct contact, but the lack of volunteer time and short timeframe have lessened the amount of work that can be achieved.

The copy of the information released by Auckland Council with permission for public distribution is below:
If you intend to participate in the meeting next week, please printout a copy of the consent to bring along. If you do not have a Scribd account you may use the following.
Login: patumahoeprint Password: patumahoe2011

Patumahoe Road – Proposed Intensive Poultry Operation by PatumahoeVillageInc


Please use the comments below to add your thoughts…

Community Development Grant – Patumahoe

For those who didn’t get a chance to view the application, here is the final application made to the Department of Internal Affairs along with an one page amendment of the Budget that was submitted to the DIA, after the grant was approved, and meeting with Anna Parsons from the department was held.

Attending that Budget amendment meeting on 30 July 2013:
Anna Parsons (DIA liaison)
Ron Gordon, Margaret Stormont (Patumahoe Primary School)
Glenn Hunter, Andrew Sinclair, Paula Crosswell

Application submitted March 2013

Application to DIA CDS Funding 2013 by PatumahoeVillageInc

Budget Amendment: Updated 30 July 2013

Application to DIA CDS Page 18 Only – Updated Budget 30 July 2013 – Copy by PatumahoeVillageInc

PVI success in gaining Community Development Grant for 3 years

lets celebrate

With the much appreciated support of Ron Gordon and Margaret Stormont, and the Board of Trustees at Patumahoe Primary School, PVI is delighted to report that we have been successful with our application for a three year community development grant administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Margaret Stormont received a letter just before the close of last term, and this has since been confirmed directly to PVI by phone. More details on what this will mean will be posted after the initial meeting with our DIA advisors, but it is an exciting development. This grant is purposely given for the payment of salaries and expenses for an employed community development worker.

For details on the application that was made, please visit this previous post.

Request for letters of support from community

Previous posts: Community Development Scheme application
Draft of application for Community Development Grant

Hi Folks

Paula Crosswell is developing an application that could see us obtain a 3 years of funding of up to $240,000 to assist with Community Development. It is too good an opportunity to turn down. There is a tight time frame on this with the application due in on March 20th. There will be a meeting next week and you will receive more information about it if. In the mean time I have been put in charge of getting some support and if possible we require from you a brief note of support and a little about yourself or yourselves.

The application is being fronted by the school as they have a track record of audited accounts. There is significant Patumahoe Village Inc  involvement with support from Whakaupoko Landcare. Please feel free to circulate this among others. I expect this will get circulated via PVI and Whakaupoko so you may receive this more than once.

We are presenting supporters as ‘Meet the locals’

If you are able to include a low res photo that will be appreciated.

The deadline is by this Sunday if possible. I have included a sample of one I have completed for myself.

Simply fill in and email back to me asap under the headings below.

Best Wishes

Andrew Sinclair


If you want to play a part in getting this scheme up and going in Patumahoe for three years, a couple of minutes is all that is needed to show your support for this proposal. You take two minutes to fill in this online form, or write your own letter, and send it to me by 15 March 2013 – email: patumahoe

Every letter is a valuable contribution to the application. Please consider taking the time to do it now.

A template and example is shown below:



I fully support this DIA Community Development Scheme application for Patumahoe and the surrounding wider community of which I am a keen local participant.

Brief background:

Community Interests / Involvement:

Hopes for the future:


Letter of Support – Andrew Sinclair by PatumahoeVillageInc

Draft of application for Community Development Grant

We are a bit further down the track – on the Community Development Grant initially discussed in this post.

Due to the tight deadline, and Ron’s absence (but welcome return this week) we are still in draft mode on the application which needs to be submitted in hard copy by 20 March 2013.

To meet our intent of transparency with the community – the draft application can be viewed below.  Please feel free to download and comment on aspects of the application, and we will endeavour to take all suggestions on board.

Of immense value is indication of support from the community. If you agree with the wider scope of the proposal please take time to write us a letter of support – or alternatively – take a couple of minutes to fill out this online form.

Draft Application 2013 by PatumahoeVillageInc

Community Development Scheme – application

Patumahoe Village Inc & Whakaupoko Landcare have approached Patumahoe Primary school as a funding partner to apply for a community development scheme grant, currently on offer in the Franklin District from the Department of Internal Affairs.

A brief meeting with Ron Gordon, Principal, was encouraging, as this would be an opportunity for the school to reach a higher level on their Enviroschools programme which they are proud to be part of.  There are many projects that would serve the wider community that the three groups all could be involved in.

This grant is opened to nine specific locations throughout New Zealand each year, and this year it is Franklin’s turn.  We have only become aware if it in the last couple of weeks, and intend for it to provide an opportunity for all members of the Patumahoe village community – whether they be residents, property or business owners, school families, visitors, farmers or our local flora, fauna and environment.

The grant is specifically aimed towards paying community development workers a salary for a period of three years, with the intention of creating a sustainable community outcome.  If this sounds confusing, that is because it is, but we will be available to answer questions (and ask some ) at the next Patumahoe Village Inc meeting which will be held at the Village Bar & Grill on Monday 25 February 2013 at 7.00pm.

The application will be posted online when it is completed – and part of the scheme requires regular review and revision so that the priorities and activities organised by the scheme can be adjusted as required.

If you want to know more – please come along to a semi-social get-together and discussion Monday week.

Draft Annual Plan 2013/14 – Franklin Local Board

Draft was released and submissions open Thursday, 24 January and close Monday, 25 February 2013.

This plan is the immediate budgetary and priority plan for our Franklin Local Board for the next two years.

Local Board chairman, Andy Baker introduces the Franklin Board content – “MESSAGE FROM YOUR
LOCAL BOARD CHAIRPERSON The Franklin Local Board has focussed intently on ensuring our communities’ needs have been recognised. We believe rates increases if needed must be kept to an absolute minimum, whilst retaining levels of service and funding to support and create local initiatives so community expectations can still be met where possible. Our priorities of better public transport, safer rural
roads and enhanced local economic development remain unchanged. Our burgeoning tourism industry around our east and west coasts, alongside our position as a vital food producer, the continued growth and popularity
of Pukekohe as a town centre and those things which makes Franklin such an important part of Auckland
now and in the future are foremost in our thinking. Our aspiration cannot become reality without effective communication and strong relationships with our community, so I again urge people to look carefully at this year’s annual plan, ask questions and make submissions.
Andrew Baker

The Franklin Local Board’s budget for 2013/2014 includes these local board priorities:

  • development of Bledisloe Park, Pukekohe
  • Waiuku Sports Park development
  • addressing coastal erosion on both coasts
  • upgrading existing parks and reserves
  • Pukekohe Town Centre continued upgrade
  • contributing to the Manukau Harbour Forum
  • promotion of local businesses in Wairoa.

To view document see below:
To have your say online visit Auckland Council’s website.

Three community workshops will be held to consult with the public.  Dates and venues to be advised.

Meeting Monday 1 November 2010

(Originally posted 21 October 2010;

Patumahoe Village is now an incorporated society, and we were successful in getting support from the ARC.  To find out how successful come along to the next meeting.  

Date and time: Monday 1st November 2010
Venue: Patumahoe Junior Rugby Clubrooms
Time: 7:30pm start
(Information/documents will be on display from 7pm)

Agenda for this meeting will be:
1.  Discussing ARC grant and requirements
2.  Appointing office holders
3.  Discussing how to consult the community in a comprehensive and credible way.
Current proposal is to hold street parties, and then a consolidation village party in   February to present the acquired information and to get feedback.  This method has worked well in Plimmerton.  (Remember: we need to have concept brief by April 2011)
4. Decide on method of communication of information to the community
– community website along with  newsletters and mailouts.
6.  Form the working party for the Structure Plan (need 8 people to work on this for two years).
7.  Other business
Mauku involvement

It would be a bonus to have the Mauku community involved, as the cost of including Mauku at this stage is nominal, especially in providing space on the website or on the newsletter, and creating a plan that includes the intention to consult with Mauku businesses and residents.   If you know of anyone from there that is interested, Mauku has been included in the Association area, and their involvement is welcome.

We also need to begin compiling lists of businesses and groups to consult – so – I have set up two online forms to start this process. 

You can click on the links below to add information:
Patumahoe Clubs, groups and organisations
Patumahoe Business Register

If you have any items you would like included on the agenda, email

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Low Impact Design Innovation Grant

(Originally posted 5 October 2010;

Cross your fingers for us.  Today is the day we are heading into the ARC to present an application for the Low Impact Design Innovation Grant. 

A cut-and pasted Google Docs version of the presentation documentation can be accessed by clicking the link below.  Apologies for the lack of images – these have to be individually inserted and I am running out of time….

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