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Firstly, thank you to all who attended on Tuesday night.  Hope the coffee and biscuits made up in a small way for the lack of Close Up/Campbell Live. 

Secondly, thank you very much to all who stayed and participated in the open discussion that followed.   It was interesting to see that there were so many open to the possibilities inherent in directing the change instead of just allowing it to happen.

The presentation (not as short as expected) was intended to encourage discussion.  And it did.

The conclusion was that a second meeting would be held  on August 31st 2010, 7pm  same venue for those who are interested in forming a working party that represents all in the community.

The following contains the items I could decipher from the discussion papers (handwriting experts would have a field day):

What do residents value in Patumahoe now?

  • village atmosphere/strong identity
  • current size
  • good community spirit
  • good people/know your neighbours
  • rural atmosphere
  • sporting activities and facilities
  • proximity to Auckland/Pukekohe/Papakura
  • proximity to airport
  • value the architectural heritage of sport/shops/community fixtures
  • local history
  • GREAT school
  • scenic countryside
  • bush at Hunters Reserve
  • community church
  • different sizing of sections for different residents
  • zoning creating a central area
  • close to beaches
  • local pub

How can we maintain and encourage these values in the future?

  • form a community group with the skills that can lead others in the right direction
  • maintain the historical architectural style that exists in Patumahoe central area, look to making Patumahoe a boutique village (one that is planned, and looks it!)
  • retain central hub to village
  • safe road crossings
  • attract others to Patumahoe – country markets, shops, boot sales, Sunday drivers etc
  • design walkways, cycleways
  • keep in mind the different requirements of all residents, ie.  seniors, older schoolchildren
  • find balance in creating pedestrian areas and slowing traffic through village
  • consider zoning for further retail, commercial and light industrial use (including professional offices, doctors, lawyers etc
  • consider long term possibilities for public transport, buses, trains etc
  • consider setting aside space for a business park
  • make long-term plan for provisions of purchasing  appropriate land for future use
  • rest home/retirement village
  • petrol station
  • grow on existing sports complex
  • police presence in village
  • see if we can allocate present resources better
  • multi/use community building
  • plan resource uses/not piecemeal approach
  • recycling initiative

Concerns raised:

  • village growing too quickly
  • loss of rural amenity, safe recreation
  • working group may be too ambitious – aim for manageable objectives
  • need a wide range of people in any working group to make sure that all concerns are addressed.
A date has been set for the next meeting for those who wish to participate further.  The organisation of any group will be left up to those who are willing to be members of it, and this will be one of the topics discussed.

Next meeting: Tuesday 31 August 2010 7.00pm
Patumahoe Junior Rugby clubrooms (to be confirmed)

It is apparent that an opportunity was missed when the discussions took place regarding the Patumahoe Junior Rugby club upgrade.  It appears as if there were enough people there tonight to rectify that lost opportunity.
The original aim of the working party would be to influence the 2012 LTCCP for Patumahoe.
A viable proposal would involve effective consultation with Patumahoe residents, clubs, groups and business owners, partnerships with council staff, and harnessing the skills and networks within the people of Patumahoe.   Depending on the level of participation, these jobs could be shared by all, or divided.  In the end,  the composition of the group will be defined by those who choose to participate.
…and there is room for those who are over-committed on committees!  If you are the current chairperson of the “Nurture the Kereru Fanclub” – offer to be the contact person for that group.  It will help to ensure that all are kept informed about proposals that relate to their organisation, sporting or otherwise.

All interested in being part of this working party (even if you did not attend tonight) are welcome at the next meeting.

Looking forward to meeting you all again!

An editorial footnote: Our intent was to stimulate discussion about community groups getting involved with planning – which was achieved.  Our leaflet mentioned the development contributions because this was the ‘hook’ that got the three of us thinking that we are missing an opportunity to have a say in the growth of Patumahoe.   If someone had mentioned a Long Term Community Council Plan to us, we would have just gone home and gone to sleep, we judged that to be a piece of information that could wait.  We  have contacted council staff in order to obtain direction and accurate information, but considered that because the window of opportunity was closing we had to get started in order to work with current council staff before Franklin District Council was no more.

This initial  meeting was not intended to be a discussion about policies, but to address the ‘assumptions’ that most of us as laypeople would have about council spending to mitigate the effects of residential subdivisions on small rural towns.   It is still surprising to me  personally that a minimum percentage is not required to be spent, but I accept that I am not in the position to change council policy.  However, as a community we do have a mechanism for influencing future growth with the LTCCP.  We will be inviting council staff to participate in future discussions in order to determine the best and most effective approach.
Franklin District Council staff Greg Lowe and Rose Ward especially have been of great help, and we would like to thank them for their time.

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Give us your view – Patumahoe Village 2050

(originally posted on July 12 2010 :

This blog has specifically been set up for one purpose – to allow discussion and input into the long term planning of Patumahoe Village.

Currently this decision is largely being left up to Franklin District Council with little input from the community. Their hands are tied by policy, unless they are persuaded otherwise. That same policy allows consideration of community consultation and representation. With no community voice shortly it will be in the hands of Super City folks.

The current long term Plan identifies few development needs in Patumahoe, is this something you agree with?

(Note: By development needs we are referring to infrastructure changes in the village: additional footpaths, cycleways, parks, community facilities etc. If there are no development needs identified, the development contributions paid by the developers do not get spent in Patumahoe to mitigate the effects of the subdivisions. At present, this is not only true for the current subdivisions, but those that will be taking place in the next few years. And yes, there has been additional land zoned specifically for this high-density residential use already.

The Patumahoe LTCCP (Long-Term Community Council Plan) for 2010 has been completed. The 2011 review will be in the midst of council transition, so a community vision to be included in the 2012 LTCCP gives a consultation and consolidation period of two years.

To put it simply, it is currently assumed that Patumahoe can absorb a large number of extra residential properties, without any need to increase community services and facilities. Therefore, present and future development contributions will go to the central fund to be allocated anywhere in Auckland city, because Patumahoe has not been identified as a community where spending is required.

(In fact, as Mark Ball mentioned, all funds go to a central fund, but in some cases they allocated to spent in the area IF that need has been identified and it is prioritised for funding)

Please take the time to get informed and become involved. We will be holding community meetings and trying to contact as many as possible.

Your help and participation is not only valuable but necessary.

Please add your comments to this post to get the ball rolling….

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