Patumahoe Volunteer Fire Brigade

You no doubt have heard the sound of the siren, which is the call for our local volunteers to get to the Patumahoe Fire Station in order to go where help is needed.

Patumahoe Fire Brigade is run by volunteers.

Are you interested in:

  • Joining a team of committed locals?
  • Learning new skills?
  • Receiving useful emergency training?
  • Putting something back into your community?

Patumahoe Fire Brigade is always looking for volunteers.  They welcome people of any age because there will be a role for you.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer firefighter please go along to the Patumahoe Fire Station, on any Monday night, at 7.30pm



  1. patumahoe village inc says:

    Thanks for your comment Darryn. This is a community website though, if you have concerns they should be directed to NZFS.

    From a personal point of view, I’ve also lived within the proximity of the stations sirens – and the train for the last thirteen years.

    Any discomfort I have over the noise is mitigated by several things:
    1. How fortunate we are to live within close proximity to an emergency service – if we ever need one,
    2. How this service only exists because of the volunteers that are now currently making their way to the station,
    3. That somewhere near are people whose wellbeing is going to be improved by the attendance of those volunteers,
    4. Our volunteers are trained and equipped to be first responders in emergencies and can improve the outcome of many incidents (unfortunately, these include motor vehicle incidents rather than fires),
    5. This noisy interruption to our lives – while disruptive – can be a reminder that there are those among us who drop everything to attend a call, and sometimes this can be several times a week. While this seems to be contradiction of sorts, that reminder is a good thing else we may forget what value they provide.

    Our household has both shift workers, and for a time young children so I appreciate your perspective. Our children learnt very quickly about the sound of the siren indicating “help was on the way” for someone in need, and the shift workers learn to sleep through, so it can be done.

    You may be right that another option is available, but given the funding structure of the Fire Service, they may have more priorities – or could even be assessing that option right now. Get in touch with them to find out.

    I just thought I’d give you some of our thoughts that changed our perspective and response to the siren after we moved here. Utilise them if you like.

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