Molesworth Cycle Trail

“Experience the new Molesworth five-day high country cycling holiday adventure. Tour begins in Blenheim and takes in the magnificent scenery of Awatere Valley, Mt Tapuaenuku, Molesworth Station, St James Station, Hanmer Springs, Rainbow Station, Clarence River flats, Lake Tennyson, Nelson Lakes and the Wairau River” … so says the homepage on the Molesworth Cycle Trail website.

Well, a group of friends from Patumahoe read that as an invitation and have just completed a four day trail together.  Their account follows, but see if you recognise these faces from their training sessions around the area.

Leonard & Vicki, Peter & Alison, Louise & Andrew


After several weeks of training six enthusiastic locals Louise and Andrew Sinclair, Alison and Peter Askew, Leonard and Vicki Lacy donned to mountain bikes headed off on the 14th March 2011. To experience a four day cycling adventure in the rugged and vast landscape of one of New Zealand’s most iconic and remote places, Molesworth Station. We cycled at your own pace through the open tussock landscapes and river valleys of New Zealand’s largest station. Cycling distances ranged from 25 – 60 km s daily. Our stay at Hanmer Springs rewarded us with a soak in the villages’ thermal hot springs. An over night stay in shearers quarters at Upcot station and dining with the owners was  fun and informative of the challenges of high country farming

Pure Trails our adventure tour operator used two support vehicles on our trip, so there was always the option of taking the van if we did not want to bike the full distances. We relished the sore butt option, amazing scenery and opted to ride our bikes the full distance for the four days. Ending our adventure near Seddon cycling past vineyards, enjoying the ever changing scenery.

We would highly recommend this adventure to anyone interested in seeing this part of New Zealand there is no other way (cycling) to really get to see this wonderful country first hand. We also cycled the Otago Rail Trail last year and would encourage everyone to get out and enjoy this area of New Zealand, the cycling is far more gentler, aimed at ALL levels of ability.

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