Collection day for Patumahoe village and Mauku is: Tuesday

There are weekly rubbish collections in the district which is a stickered bag collection.

Each rubbish bag must have an official FDC green and white sticker attached; these are available for $2.00 each at Council offices in Pukekohe and Waiuku, and at local retail outlets.

Stickers can be bought locally at Patumahoe Superette.

If public holidays interrupt the normal collection times, collections are usually one day later eg. if your normal collection day is Monday, it will be Tuesday etc.

Colour Coded Map of Franklin collection days (pdf, 627kb)

Want more information of refuse and recycling services?

Guide to Rubbish Disposal in Franklin brochure (pdf, 554kb)


Correct use of the Council rubbish collection service

  • Buy and place the sticker on your rubbish bag.
  • Rubbish bags are to be the standard 60 litre bags (not large garden bags).
  • Please ensure that all glass or sharp objects are wrapped.
  • Place your standard rubbish bag (maximum weight 18kgs) at the kerbside or by your front gate before 7.00am on your collection day.
  • Ensure the sticker faces the road and can be clearly seen by collectors.
  • Rubbish bags without stickers will not be collected.

How to use the service

  • Do not over fill your bin – make sure the lid can be closed
  • Place your bin on the kerbside by 7.00am on your collection day, with the handle and wheels facing your property.
  • If your bin has been damaged or stolen, contact our Customer Services Team on 09 2371300 to arrange for its repair or replacement.

What should NOT go into your rubbish bag or bin

  • Recyclables Garden waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Business or trade waste
  • Hot ash
  • Soil
  • Concrete and building waste

Bulky household rubbish disposal

If you have large items that cannot be disposed of in the Council kerbside rubbish collection you can take these to your local transfer station for a fee. Check out the Transfer stations and recycling depots page for locations, opening hours and contact information.

Council also offers a number of drop off collection points for large inorganic rubbish at scheduled times and locations through out the year, for large items that cannot be disposed of in the Council kerbside rubbish collection. You will be informed of the collection date in your area immediately before the collection is due.

This service currently collects items such as old furniture, appliances, carpet, home ware, toys and bikes. The items must be able to be lifted by two people.
Council will not take:

  • Household rubbish bags and recyclables.
  • Building or trade rubbish such as rubble, concrete, bricks or wood, glass or any demolition waste.
  • Garden waste such as grass clippings, and tree and hedge trimmings.
  • Car parts.
  • Any liquids – especially paint.
  • CNG / LPG containers.
  • Oil /petrol containers.
  • Hazardous wastes and asbestos.

Visit our other pages for information on Recycling.