If you have large items of rubbish or do not live in the townships with a recycling collection service, you can take your rubbish and recyclables to the our closest Transfer Stations which is located at:

Envirowaste Pukekohe Refuse Transfer Station
Austen Place
Ph: 237 1901
7.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday
8.00am – 3.30pm Saturday and Sunday

What the Transfer Stations will take for free:

  • plastic bottles and containers (numbered 1 – 7)
  • glass
  • steel and aluminium cans
  • paper and cardboard

What the Transfer Stations will take for a charge:

  • general waste/rubbish
  • whiteware and steel
  • greenwaste (garden waste, grass clippings and prunings)
  • cleanfill materials (brick, rubble, timber)

If you are going away and will miss your rubbish collection day you can take stickered rubbish bags to the Transfer Station.

Visit the Franklin District archived website for a list of the other transfer stations and rural recycling depots.

This  brochure about recycling produced by Franklin  District Council, refers to the urban recycling programme but does contain information about how to sort your plastics, cardboard and papers that you will take to the transfer station.

Paper and Cardboard: Items Accepted –

  • Newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers and glossy brochures.
  • Office and computer paper, cards and envelopes, calendars.
  • Cereal and other food packaging boxes and corrugated egg cartons.
  • Telephone books and paperbacks.
  • Cardboard boxes and paper or cardboard wrapping materials (any thickness).


  • Keep paper and cardboard clean and dry.
  • Place all paper items in a bag, tied at the top to make sure it doesn’t blow away.
  • Flatten cardboard.
  • Council also has a supply of free ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers which can be used to cut down on the amount of waste paper your household gets each week. If you would like one of these please call in to our offices and get one from the pamphlet stands in the customer service areas.

Glass: Items Accepted –

  • Clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars only.
  • NO other types of glass and no broken glass should go in your recycling bins.


  • Remove all caps and corks, then rinse.

Plastic: Items Accepted –

You can recycle plastics broadly described as rigid household containers, (which have the number 1-7 stamped in a triangle on them) like:

  • Soft drink bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Juice bottles
  • icecream containers
  • Yoghurt tubs
  • Sauce bottles.

What can’t be recycled:

  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic bags
  • Garden waste
  • Plastic packaging
  • Disposable nappies
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Computers

Tin and Aluminium Cans: Items Accepted –

  • Cans and tins only
  • For other items see below.


  • Remove lids from tin cans and place inside
  • Wash and squash all cans.

Other Recyclables

There are many other items you can recycle. Check out the Auckland Regional Council’s Recycler database by following the link below:
Auckland Regional Council’s Recycler database
In addition to this, metals including aluminium, steel, brass, iron, copper and zinc, as well as batteries and radiators can be recycled at the following locations:

• Hewes Metals
197 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe
Ph: 238 6986

• SJ Metals
3 Adams Drive, Pukekohe
Ph: 09 238 3974

How are materials recycled?

Some items are recycled within local markets in New Zealand, while other items are shipped overseas for recycling in international markets such as China.

Recycled products made from ‘post-consumer’ materials – those items residents put out in Council’s kerbside collection, can include:

  • plastic pipes, packing crates, buckets and even fibre made into clothing;
  • steel rods and construction beams;
  • aluminium cans;
  • glass bottles and jars, home wares such as vases, and glass is also used in swimming pool filters and in aggregate for asphalt; and
  • recycled paper and cardboard products such as boxes.

Visit this page for Rubbish collection information.