Young People’s Club

In 1946 under the chairmanship of Alan Milliken, this club was formed to provide entertainment for the many young people in the district.  The subscription was set a 2/6 with Mr W Litchfield the first president.  He had a committee of ten to assist him.

Dances and bus trips to Auckland, including a memorable trip to see “Frankquin” the hypnotist, were held regularly.

By 1960 interest had waned perhaps as the first group of young people married, and the new generation had ready transport, television and lessened interest in organised dances.

in the  school’s centennial book in 1966 it states that the club had elected a caretaker committee with K Hardy as Chairman and Miss B Howe as secretary.  It has not been revived but it was interesting, while researching for this book, to hear Gillian Jensen describe today’s Young Farmers club as “really a Young People’s Club”.  So perhaps Mr Milliken’s ideals do live on, in another guise.

Excerpt  from Patumahoe School – 125th Jubilee 1866-1991 publication