Patumahoe Domain Board

Patumahoe is indeed fortunate in the amenities, especially sporting amenities, it can offer the community. Much hard work, volunteer labour and lobbying has gone into achieving these things and the Domain Board is still today continuing to look after what we have as well as plan for the future.

The hall has a particularly interesting past. During the late 1860’s the British government began to withdraw its imperial troops out of New Zealand so nervous settlers of the area formed the Mauku Forest Rifle Volunteers, who made their headquarters the Volunteer Hall. This Hall built by Henry Kavanagh in 1872 was 50 feet by 20 feet and was situated down Kingseat Road. That this Hall became a social centre of the district is evidenced by an invitation to a banquet, to welcome Prime Minister Massey to Patumahoe in 1916 (signed E.C. Cuff Hon Sec). Patrons were urged to be present at 6.30 sharp and to pay 10 shillings.

In 1925 a management committee was elected to build a new Memorial Hall for Patumahoe. Messrs. J Henry, R Membery, W.E. John, E Syme, H. Lowry, E Knight and Mr Cuff comprised the committee. The old Volunteer Hall was brought up Kingseat Road and became the supper room behind the Patumahoe War Memorial Hall which opened in July 1925, with the then Prime Minister, in attendance.

W.E. Johns then the school principal pushed for a bowling green, 2 then 3 tennis courts and 1 croquet green to accompany the new facility and these were developed in the 1920’s as well.

The hall was taken over by the Rugby club in the 1970’s and was extended and refurnished into very modern clubrooms in time for their centennial in 1985. After World War Two, the government matched the district pound for pound and the Domain now had a rugby field, further bowling greens and further tennis courts, greatly assisted by 10 acres acquired from the Henry Estate. As always voluntary work such as Alan Littin’s many mowing expeditions on his tractor, Rex Syme’s long-time maintenance of the mower and now Greg Howe’s time spent mowing the field have been essential and truly appreciated.

The Domain Board continues to administer the Domain which now includes 3 new fields, complete with 300 trees, newly planted. The new fields, adjoining the school, were purchased from the Urquhart estate after much lobbying of the Franklin County Council. The Domain Board, under present chairman Keith Hardy, meets 2-3 times a year. Money has been raised by Gala Days such as the one on February 28 1987 which raised $9000, and plans include a new toilet block on the new field.

Domain Working Party

Excerpt from Patumahoe School – 125th Jubilee 1866-1991 publication