Mauku Sports Club

An old and regrettably defunct club was the Mauku Sports Club, begun on January 26 1869 and lasting with great success and many memories until the mid 1930s.  It began with a meeting held at Well Wood Farm and was usually held on New Years Day.

Back Row: B Goldsworthy, B Finlay, ---, McMurtrie, T Hart, W Sommerville, C Sheppard Middle Row: Mr Adolph, - - -, S Towe, F Simpson, W Pleydell, - - -, B Howard . . . . . . . . Front Row: F Kavanagh, A Kemp, C Daxley, E Cuff

Mr Lewis Sheppard recalls that the club involved all the prominent citizens of the day on the committee, Butcher Howard, Mr Syme, Mr McMurtrie, MrCopeland and Mr Findlay for example, and also how everyone dressed up for the occasion in their best clothes.

Although horse racing was initially a major event, track racing became so popular that runners cam from Auckland, by train, to run for the Mauku Cup worth £20.  The mile race was certainly the highlight with Mr McLean apparently running it for many years eventually getting a head start to match his age.  Mr Fausett was a very successful high jumper and Mr Sheppard remembers tug o’ war, highland dancing on a specially raised floor and wood chopping.

Bombay, Waiuku and several other districts had Sports Days, so through the summer, people could alternately visit and participate in them all.  Mr Tom McFadden tried to the revive teh club with a meeting on Membery’s paddock but times had changed and the club had had it’s day.


Excerpt & image from Patumahoe School – 125th Jubilee 1866-1991 publication

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