Historic Church project (Scout Hall – Mareretu Ave)

Most of you probably know the history of the church at Mareretu Ave by now, and the intention to shift it to the Clive Howe Drive reserve passive land.

The vision is to have the building used as a repository for community historical documents—as much as possible on discs.

Initial ideas:

  • We could have open days with focus on one or two families and invite families to provide a genealogical record of their time in Patty along with brief family summary or report by an/ some older members;
  • Interviews with the oldest members of our community are most valuable and I suggest should be our first project Oral? Video? Written? Open days—or a month of open days could have an eras theme: (eg what did we look like in the 40s and 50s? what businesses were there?). the war years: when the Americans were based at Schlaepher Park and Helvetia, and local land was requisitioned for War gardens with land girls doing their bit;
  • We could have guided historical walks/drives/bike rides associated with the current display, so as to build and catalogue an accumulated community memory, as well as, within that, family memories;
  • The church could also be available for celebrations, weddings.

We would like to see the building continue to be used by the school as a part time teaching space with the result that our young people know and appreciate our history and the building lives. A heritage garden could be a great project for the local gardening group.

I would envisage an interested group visiting local groups (eg Pukekohe East, Karaka, Waiuku and of course Pukekohe) to brainstorm, and for ideas about fundraising.

Where we are at:

  • The Council building inspector has approved the building for removal.
  • We have had a positive meeting with Greg Lowe (parks and rec.) and get the impression Council will do all they can to smooth the path.
  • We will probably not have to provide toilets as it will be adjacent to the public toilets on the reserve.
  • The Patumahoe emergency Support Charitable trust is the vehicle through which negotiations have been carried out so far. We are meeting to decide if the trust is still suitable, interested, and prepared to continue in this role and to be the vehicle through which funds are applied for, raised, received and administered.
  • We now need a site plan prepared to present to Council, along with resource consent. Before that, we need to visit the site with interested parties (including the person who is going to do the plan) to find the best position for practical and aesthetic purposes.
  • Canvas for local people who are prepared to underwrite the venture, put in debentures or contribute financially in any way to start the project.
  • Get approximate idea of the costs we are about to incur. Council costs and requirements ,site plan, removal costs, upgrade and repairs, painting, and get support of local people who are interested in contributing skills, labour, equipment etc.
    Contact interested parties with a view to a fuller presentation at the April meeting of Patumahoe Village Inc. These include Council rep, Patumahoe School BOT, Scout rep, Guide rep, sports clubs which use the reserve (cricket club, junior boys rugby).
    Prepare a display for the April open day.

Who is interested in getting more involved now??

(Copy of report presented by Kay Carter, at PVI meeting Monday 14 March 2011.  Please contact PVI at patumahoevillage2050@gmail.com if you would like to be involved with this project and your details will be passed on to Kay.)