Circa 1960-1970

Arohanui Fon-Lowe Bender – attended Mauku 1962-1967

I enjoyed the days in the original school building before the fire. I recall the old desks with the inkwells and I could hardly wait for the day when I would be old enough to have a fountain pen and be able to fill it from my own ink well. We soon found that if you added ammonia to the ink, it would become “invisible ink”.

I loved the old customary march into class after school assembly in the mornings, with the music blaring from an LP! One did not want to be late for school with all the students watching as you tried to get into line.

Then, there was the delivery of the 1/2 pint milk bottles every morning. It was best when it arrived on a chilly morning and the milk was icy cold!

Field Day, I think that is what it was called when all the local schools would meet at Te Hihi School for Track & Field events. Mauku was always well represented.

Calf Club Day – Our family were market gardeners, however, there would sometimes be a family that would “lend” us a calf to show. I always entered the cooking contests and my biggest “win” was first place with a Date Nut Loaf. It had to be baked in a baking powder tin, so they would all be uniform. I remember the judge was Mrs. Rita Wymer (who was also our neighbour at Glenbrook).

Together with Julie Young Gin we were the first to make Toffee Apples to sell at Calf Club Day. I still remember the burns we had from the toffee, ouch!

Cooking classes were held at Glenbrook School because they had a large kitchen. Our first recipe was Stewed Apples. We went on to make Scones, Cornish Pas ties and Sponge Cakes! I must have learned a lot because I am known among my friends and family as quite the cook!

Sonia Hart (nee Cuming) attended Mauku 1966-1970

My sister Gillian went to Mauku Primary as well. Our headmaster was Mr Morgan. I remember marching off to class to the accompaniment of some brass band music. We participated in a school production called “The Wizard of Oz” and I had an acting part as Dorothy. I had lambs and presumably a calf or two for Calf Club. I remember I had a lamb called Pipi who went on and became a lead sheep for us (driving the sheep from our farm in Mauku to my Uncles farm in Patumahoe). For the indoor section of Calf Club Days I have very fond memories of beautiful stock flowers we used for flower arranging.


The content of these pages were originally published in “The History of Mauku” 2009, and have been reproduced with permission of Mauku Cricket Club & Mauku Primary School.