Scout Hall – Relocation progress and appeal

The project started several years ago when the Scouting Association indicated their intention to sell the Mareretu site of the Patumahoe Scouting and Girl Guide Hall.

The hall was a gift to the Scouting & Girl Guide associations from the local community in the 1980’s. Unfortunately after several years, the attendance of parents and families at both these groups did not warrant continuing a Patumahoe troop. The hall lay empty for many years, until Patumahoe School made use of it – as a new entrants class, and a storage area.
For the Scouting and Guiding Associations this building was no longer required, and many of the other landholdings had already been divested. Several years ago they notified the council and the community of their intention to sell the site. The project to relocate the scout hall so that the building and it’s community connection remained began at that point.

The Patumahoe Village Community Trust found itself in regeneration, and skills that had proven valuable to the community in the past – proved their worth once again.
After negotiations were completed between the Scouting and Guiding Associations and council resources were obtained, Kay Carter was instrumental in obtaining funding from the Lotteries Board, Lions Foundation & Charitable Trusts Foundation for $30,000 to pay for the initial shift and relocation costs of the building to it’s new site.
Built in 1907 from locally sourced kauri, the church originally stood between Mauku and Patumahoe before being shifted to Mareretu Avenue in 1958. The Scouting and Guiding Association used it from 1982-2002.

Below is an appeal from the Trust – please read and contribute to this wonderful project.
The letter can be printed below and distributed.
Community Appeal June 2012
You will now be aware that the Historic Presbyterian Church has been resited on Council land, is now preserved as an Auckland Heritage Building and under the stewardship of the Patumahoe Community Support Charitable Trust. After refurbishment it is intended for community use; clubs, celebrations, history open days etc. To clarify, the school intends to keep using it, but not exclusively and not full time.The cost of $30,000 to date has been enabled with funding from Lotteries Board, Lion Foundation, and The Trusts Charitable Foundation at no cost to the local community
In order to bring it up to tidy condition and council requirements, the following is necessary: Fire safety, redesigned toilet area with wheelchair access and ramp, exterior painting, kitchen freshen, some exterior weatherboards, heating, and general facelift.Therefore we are making a one-off local appeal before looking to a further funding round

9 June 2012 – Church Appeal Patumahoe




  1. JIm Wakelin says:

    How much is the school (who appear to be the greatest users) contributing.

    • Patumahoe Village Inc says:

      The project has not been initiated by PVI but by the Patumahoe Village Safety Trust – so, I will send through your question to Kay Carter. Regards, Paula

    • kay carter says:

      Reply to Jim Wakelin’s comment on website.
      ie ”How much is the school(who appear to be the greatest users) contributing.”

      The building is owned by the Trust (details of Patumahoe Community Support Charitable Trust are elsewhere on this website) on behalf of the community. The school does not own the building, it does not have exclusive rights to it, and does not intend to use it all the time. The fact that the school intends to use it means we are confident it will not be a cold empty irrelevant shell and we value that.
      Even at the times the school is using it –most likely 2nd and 4th terms- there is room for negotiation with mutual respect.
      Therefore, book clubs, quilting groups, choirs, concerts, card afternoons, music lessons, meetings, gardening groups, celebrations, etc will all be welcome if the building meets their requirements.
      All users will pay their way. The trust is a non profit organization but you will appreciate there are costs to be covered.
      However the immediate task is to raise enough money to bring this building up to a standard which is safe, meets council requirements, and provides a welcoming and comfortable environment. . As the preferred deadline is the end of October, the school management is actively supporting us to achieve this. The result will benefit all future users.
      I can assure you we have had complete support, cooperation and advice from the school principal and BOT who have expertise and experience to offer. For instance the savings made in the move by bringing the building across the school field was over $20,000 as it enabled us to avoid power lines on the main road
      We would certainly appreciate any practical help, contacts and/or donation you can offer. Also if you are considering using the building yourself, please contact us with your ideas or proposals.
      I have outlined a financial summary of the project to date, our immediate needs, and long term estimates.
      Funds received:
      Grants from applications $28,875
      Local community donations $11,915
      Costs to date
      Council consents $ 6,367
      Building move $15,885
      Install power,sewer, $ 7,854
      Stormwater services
      Building materials ,labour $ 8,067

      Current needs, which we hope to cover with local donations and further funding applications are approx $20,000 for fire safety, toilet area and disablility ramp.

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