Project: Relocation of Scout Hall

Project outline as at October 2011:

“How we got to this point
This building was deconsecrated in 1982. Local families raised $15,000 at the time to pay the parish and it became the property of Scouting NZ with provision it be available for community use. It was maintained and used by local scout and guide groups until they ceased to operate.   Now that the site is to be sold, Scouts and Guides NZ have indicated that they would like to offer the building back to the community for our continued use. At present the local primary school is utilising the building part time, and this will continue after it has been resited. Relocation of the building would allow community renovation to take place, and give all members and groups of the community the opportunity to use it. If this does not occur at the same time as removal, we envisage the possibility that the building will deteriorate and be less likely to be retained. Local history searches have ascertained that the church was built in 1907 from swamp kauri milled from a local farm. It is one of only a few local historic buildings in public ownership. Patumahoe has been targeted for growth in the Auckland plan, and there is need to preserve our history and character.

Council approves in principle the proposed site which fits with neighbouring school, playground, sportsground, residential properties and walkways.

The project has been well publicised with a notice in the village dairy, participation in an open day, and information in quarterly village newsletters. After the resiting we intend to canvas locally for donations, products, skills and voluntary labour to complete the renovations which will be necessary”

November 2011: “ We have had a meeting on the proposed site with local Council staff, and are proceeding with finalising plans. As council does not meet until February, the move will probably not take place until March, but needs to be done before the winter sets in.”

November 29th: “This morning we received confirmation of $20,000 from the Lotteries Board!”

Information provided by Kay Carter

Site Plans and visual drafts available below for review:

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