Past … present … and future

While compiling information for this site, it strikes me how easy it would be to lose valuable local history by letting the years pass by without making an effort to record and archive reminiscences.

Gary Wilson, is working on a project at present for the Patumahoe Rugby Club.  He was the author of the ‘Patu‘ publication, which was produced for the Rugby Club many years ago – and is a valued possession for those lucky enough to retain their copies.

One method of recording information is by dictaphone, or video and both of these add another dimension to the stories and memories as they are related to the interviewer.

Kay Carter and Angela Smith are also coordinating collections of stories and histories from local residents and families, and even before they are completed these archives will give a fascinating insight into the life narrative of Patumahoe village and Mauku.

In terms of future proofing, this information is necessary in order for us – as a community – to determine what needs to be preserved, and not just recorded.

There are historical sites and buildings that all contribute to our sense of place and home, and we need to determine which of these should be identified and featured in our Structure Plan to Auckland Council in 2012.

Looking back … will help us in looking forward…

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