Local Heritage Map

This detailed map was thoughtfully produced by C Eggleton for the Mauku School Centenary booklet published in 1983.

We are looking to take advantage of the tools of technology in order to produce an online historical map – which will utilise Google Maps and Google Earth.

We would like to invite contributions from our local community regarding forgotten places, or historical names.  We have begun our project by creating a blank Historical reference map which you can view on these pages.  But it needs a lot more work.  Google Maps can be edited by multiple authors so if you think that you would like to be involved – we will invite you to a training session and add you to our author list.

It is great fun – and a useful way to learn a new skill!

Contact us by email on patumahoevillage2050@gmail.com


  1. Kay Carter says:

    The map listed as C Eggletons is in fact Nola Thompsons. She produced the excellent Mauku school centenary book 1983! and her name is signed at the bottom of the map. C Eggleton’s map is of the wider rural area and lists the owners of properties over time. That was dated 1991 and was for the Patumahoe school reunion.Kay Carter

  2. Mike Kenny says:

    About 4 yrs ago an Archivist who lives in Papakura called at our property to take a GPS reading of the old St Brides vicarage site. Perhaps the National Archives can help the group with historical data. He was using the old map as a reference.
    I sent him off to speak to Albert Thompson [ex cnr Pilgrim / Basset Rd]. Albert told me that he had bought the land from Finlay to Pilgrim from the Church. The first thing he had to do on our property was to clear an old run down house, which may have been the vicarage. We still have the remains of a Victorian steel garden screen / fence, similar to what you find around old graves.

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