Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: The focus has been on making the place better for native flora & fauna with a combination of pest control, revegetation and some weed control. Refer web for more details.

Pest Control – Coordination Works: The coordinated approach taken has been far more successful than what was happening previously. There are over 500 bait stations in place over an area of approx 6,000 ha. Also there are 20 stoat traps in use. When the group first started the first RTC (Residual Trap Catch for possums was 34%). We have moved pest monitoring to Chew Cards and expect that we are at an equivalent RTC of around 5% with pockets of high pest population. The area under pest control is voluntary among landowners and continues to grow. Pest control costs / ha is very low at well under $2/ha. This compares very favourably with Councils funding contractors (providing low pest numbers can be achieved and maintained).
Free Trees Initiative: The last 5 years has seen over 15,000 trees made available to landowners completely free to help foster better landcare. This initiative has been most successful with many more native trees than this planted in the area. Also there has been a significant increase in land permanently fenced off from livestock. There is excellent documentation of the groups achievements via annual photographs. A community nursery is about to be established to further this initiative.