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New Zealand Tree Crops Association

Our members include a real cross-section of people – home gardeners, orchardists, hobbyists, farmers, investors and so on. Some are big landowners, while others do not even have a back yard! Some are learners; others are experienced growers; and yet others are researchers of high repute.  We share an interest in investigating new crops, improving existing varieties, and learning more about the care and management of a wide range of fruit and nut trees and other useful species.

There is a Franklin Branch which runs events.  The next event will be held on Saturday 30th April 2011 – in Kingseat – and is Hi Tech Organics!


Look at setting up edible gardens!

Oooby – Out of our own backyards

Image by Amy Macaluso

Ooooby is an acronym for
‘Out of our own back yards.’

We’re all about connecting communities through local food.
Ooooby is for you if you either like to grow food (on a farm, in your backyard, in a community garden or where ever) or if you just like to eat locally grown food.