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Listings tagged: preschool

Patumahoe Preschool


Jo Ward lives with her family in Patumahoe, and with her husband Darryl, owns and manages the Patumahoe Preschool centre. Jo is a qualified and registered Primary School teacher with 15 years experience in education.

Our Philosophy

Patumahoe Preschool is a privately owned centre where families and staff work together to provide a friendly atmosphere that promotes the happiness, wellbeing and the overall development of the children in our care.

We provide a safe natural environment that cares for the whole child, meeting physical, creative, cognitive, social and emotional needs.

Patumahoe preschool reducedIn this environment we:

  • respect all people and the environment in which we live;
  • follow the interests and abilities of children and adults in the centre;
  • acknowledge the importance of both play and guided learning
  • observe and record each child’s development in a way that promotes interaction between families and the centre;
  • provide activities that are inclusive of gender, age, race, culture and ability;
  • celebrate achievements;
  • employ qualified, dedicated staff who are committed to ongoing professional development.

Our Programme – Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education document ‘TeWhariki’ this is the national curriculum for all Early Childhood Education providers.
At our centre we believe that both educationand ‘play’ are very important and we aim to have a combination of both in our daily programme.  We have a set routine each day which will allow for periods of play as well as periods of more focused learning.
We have three ‘mat times’ per day. At ‘mat times’ children will be greeted, celebrations acknowledged, children will participate in singing, music, news (sharing), storytelling and other whole group experiences and interests (Mathematics, Maori, Oral Language, Written Language, The Arts and Science).
We also offer a ‘transition to school’ programme specifically for our 4 year olds.  This programme will help children develop the skills and experiences they need in order to transition to school with confidence.  The programme will include; visits to Patumahoe School (others on request), fine and large motor skill development, basic numeral and alphabet skills, beginning reading and writing skills. Abi is our trained Primary teacher and she runs this programme.
Younger children are able to sleep in our sleeproom (individual linen provided) or rest after lunch.
We will also ensure that parents are kept informed about what has been happening at the centre through our whiteboard above our sign in sheet and our daily evaluation sheets. Examples of childrens work and learning experiences will be displayed in individual portfolio’s which they children take with them when they transition to school.
At Patumahoe Preschool we understand the importance of the links needed between preschool and home.  Parents will be encouraged to visit or call anytime, to ask questions or to look through their child’s portfolios. We hope they will feel as ‘at home’ here as their children do.

(09) 2363003
71 Mauku Rd RD3