Helping Hands Day

Patumahoe Community Church is organising a “Helping Hands Day” for the Patumahoe Community.

Helping Hands Day, will be held on the second Saturday of June 11, 2011 where members of the church are willing to give 2hours of their time to help out any elderly people to do whatever tasks they need them to do.  Whether it is gardening, cleaning the windows, vacuuming, ironing etc etc

We are quite happy to do that for our Patumahoe Community older folks   This service is free of course.

So, if you know of any elderly couples or disabled people that need this help, could you please let me know so I can include them in our list.

If you’d like further information please do not hesitate to contact Setitia Millar.

Phone:  9100099 (home) 239-2511 (wk)
Mobile: 021733189

Planned Car Park Extension

Copies to Dr Paul Hutchison Member Parliament Hunua.

The Honourable Rodney Hide Beverly Holden Chairperson Patumahoe School Board of Trustees.

Greg Lowe Team Leader Local and Sports Park South.

Auckland Council.

Mr Des Morrison Elected Member Auckland Council.

Mr Len Brown Mayor Auckland City.

Mr Daniel Fulton Fulton of Swimming

Other I interested Parties.

Dear Mr Gordon,

Thank you for your letter of 26th November which has clarified several important matters. [Read more…]

Old Church project Calling for expressions of interest

Many of you will be aware of the old church on Mareretu Ave- the only public historic building left in Patumahoe. It has a rich local history, doubled as the first school (on a different site) and was built of swamp kauri milled from a local farm.

Since the Scout Movement (present owners/administrators) has lapsed in Patumahoe, there have been some efforts made by the Patumahoe Emergency Support Charitable Trust (largely because the trust has a protective infrastructure already set up) to negotiate moving the church to a new site so the scouts can deal with the sale of their section.

On 18 December 2006 the scouting Assoc. agreed to gift the church to the above trust .We understand the scouts intend to use the majority of the proceeds to upgrade the camp at Schlaepher Park , thus keeping the money in the local area and using it for community purposes, which continues the spirit of the original congregation/scout negotiation. They have also agreed in principle to contribute some funds towards the removal and re-establishment of the building on Clive Howe Reserve. [Read more…]

Schools, Pools & Automobiles…

November 26, 2010 18:00

(…perhaps a bit of a misnomer – but I couldn’t resist. Note: the following is almost sheer editorial comment)

During the last couple of weeks, as I have been driving past the Patumahoe Rugby clubrooms, I have occasionally noticed people hard at work. For some reason, I have made the assumption that those grafting away are not council driven, committee driven or otherwise. I have the impression that a job needed to be done, and they are getting on with it. Without fanfare, without interference, the work is getting done. This impression is reinforced by the contact I have had over the last week, regarding the concern over the unconsulted work on the domain fringes. This approach of – see the need – get it done, has a long and rich history in Patumahoe.

Along with the grafters, there have been the forward thinkers. The people who have seen possibilities and have endeavoured and succeeded in making ideas come to fruition. Again, often without public acknowledgement or need for it. I have been fortunate in having so many contact me with rich local history of the domain, the playground and more of the same over the last few days. So much of Patumahoe heritage is held in memories and anecdotes, and as a new resident, it is always interesting to be informed of the depth and breadth of community spirit that often lies invisibly at the heart of places. [Read more…]