Patumahoe vs Craddock Farms


(Resident submitted notice – Thanks!)

Craddock Farms who own intensive egg layer farms applied to build a new intensive farm for 310,000 more hens in the village of Patumahoe. In late 2014 there was a hearing for the resource consent application where three opposing submitter’s fought vigorously to prevent this.

With the weight of the local community and the Animal Rights groups behind them the submitter’s managed a successful defence and the independent commissioner’s declined the application in full on the 13th of January 2015.


Craddock farms having already purchased a significant property are not willing
to let this go without further fight and have now appealed the commissioner’s

The appeal will be heard in the Environment Court and will be very costly – more than double that of the original hearing. We have created a givealittle fund to provide financial backing so that we can continue the fight with legal and other expert representation to keep hens out of cages and out of Patumahoe. If you would like to donate or help with the fundraising please visit our page

Attend A Community Meeting 7:30pm Tuesday 3rd March At The Patumahoe School Hall To Find Out How You Can Help

If the decision is reversed this alone will account for 10% of New Zealand’s total egg production and the egg layer facility will be a total of ten sheds with 31,000 caged chickens in each shed, five cages high.

This will affect our community – noise, pollution, flies, odour, additional traffic
on an already busy road and of course property values.

If you want to know more contact
or phone 027 419 0413

We need your help!

End of Summer Event – Open Invitation

Patumahoe Community Church welcomes everybody to a wonderful end of summer event for the whole community – spanning a weekend of fun and activities.

Included is – Patumahoe’s Got Talent! held on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd March. Entries should be in by 7th March, but I’ve been advised that there may be a couple of empty spots so fill out the entry form below and send it off. Setita Millar will get in touch with you.

So perfect your singing in the shower, and dust off those sparkly tights and Registration Final Copy to enter your star talents for this inaugural event.

Details of the day can be found here:

End of Summer Event

Come along and join the fun!

Carols in the Gardens

Carols in the Gardens will be held at Wright’s Water Gardens on 18th December at 8:00 p.m.

If wet at the Patumahoe School Hall

Produced by the Patumahoe Community Church

The lights at the Gardens will be on each night, weather permitting, from the 18th -24th December.


Helping Hands Day

Patumahoe Community Church is organising a “Helping Hands Day” for the Patumahoe Community.

Helping Hands Day, will be held on the second Saturday of June 11, 2011 where members of the church are willing to give 2hours of their time to help out any elderly people to do whatever tasks they need them to do.  Whether it is gardening, cleaning the windows, vacuuming, ironing etc etc

We are quite happy to do that for our Patumahoe Community older folks   This service is free of course.

So, if you know of any elderly couples or disabled people that need this help, could you please let me know so I can include them in our list.

If you’d like further information please do not hesitate to contact Setitia Millar.

Phone:  9100099 (home) 239-2511 (wk)
Mobile: 021733189