Patumahoe/Mauku Playcentre looking for local sponsors

Patumahoe/Mauku Playcentre – a great local asset – has a current fundraising project in the works: the compilation and publication of a local cookbook.

Many of us have personal experience of the benefit that our local Playcentre has provided – and still provides – to our community.

They are currently looking for business or personal sponsors for this project  and invite local businesses or individuals to be a part of it.  If you are able help out, have a look at the options available for sponsorship and contact Lorna Thompson

Sponsorship form:

Patumahoe/Mauku Playcentre: Recipe Book Sponsorship

Patumahoe Volunteer Fire Brigade

You no doubt have heard the sound of the siren, which is the call for our local volunteers to get to the Patumahoe Fire Station in order to go where help is needed.

Patumahoe Fire Brigade is run by volunteers.

Are you interested in:

  • Joining a team of committed locals?
  • Learning new skills?
  • Receiving useful emergency training?
  • Putting something back into your community?

Patumahoe Fire Brigade is always looking for volunteers.  They welcome people of any age because there will be a role for you.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer firefighter please go along to the Patumahoe Fire Station, on any Monday night, at 7.30pm