Climate Change submission

Climate Change

Submissions to the government are due on 3 June 2015.

Generation Zero have provided a quick online submission form to help those who want to see measures taken to safeguard our stability and futures: Fix Our Future

For those still unsure about the cause of climate change, a study concluded in 2013 on published, scientific environmental papers resulted in a finding that 97% of those published papers agreed that climate change was occurring AND that it was caused by human use of fossil fuels. NASA provides a good link to the consensus links between credible scientific institutions.

Public Meetings
There have been a series of public meetings across New Zealand over the last few, but these have been poorly advertised and not supported by much information that relates the need for discussion on climate change. The discussion document provided online can be found here, but Dave Hansford at Public Address provides a reasonable critique of the omissions of those discussion points.

As many of our residents are primary producers they will bear the already noticeable impact of unseasonal weather patterns, and extreme weather events.

If you have not yet had time to investigate climate change, then the following videos may get you interested.

The first is produced by It talks about the effects of climate change, and the causes of it.

Recently Maori TV broadcast the NZ documentary, Hot Air by Alister Barry & Abi King-Jones, which relates the politics of inaction. Youtube video of film available on creative commons below:

Political inaction is not unique to New Zealand however, and a mulitipartisan approach needs to be taken for long-term sustainability.

Comments are OPEN, but will be moderated and genuine questions or concerns are welcome.

Consider taking the time to investigate this issue yourself – without influence – and come to your own conclusions. This should not be utilised as a political issue for governments, it is a personal one for us all.

Apologies for the late notice on the submission date, but it was not widely advertised and some personal thought was required before posting this online.

Article provided as local resident,
Paula Crosswell


  1. I have been both interested and increasingly concerned by the issues facing us relating to climate change. It seems to me after quite extensive review of publicly available information that we can no longer refute’ ignore or otherwise side step action on this issue.
    The data on impacts seems to get more alarming every time I review it. As both a mother and a business person, I am deeply concerned that no action on this issue will have far-reaching impacts on the quality of the lives of our children, the wellbeing of our primary sector, and the economic prosperity of our country.

    On a global basis the impacts are calamitous potentially. We need to be pragmatic in what we can achieve, but we DO need to move to act and seek the counsel of our trusted scientists on what can be done, and act with URGENCY.

    I do not adhere to the view that ‘we can’t really influence it so why bother’? We certainly can set a good global example, and equally important we can move to prepare our nation in the best way we can for what’s to come. However unpalatable that may be, responsibility for a nation extends beyond a three year term of government. I believe there are ‘clean initiatives’ we can sensibly take, and issues around carbon neutrality to offset areas where the solutions are more difficult. This is everyone’s problem, including ours in New Zealand

    As a voter I underline this is perhaps my most important priority of any current issue facing our country in that I see the potential implications as considerable and far reaching

    Kind regards
    Debbie Pascoe

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