Rural – Ultra Fast Broadband initiative for Patumahoe

First and foremost, thanks to Alan Cole who saw a further $150 million investment in the rural Ultra Fast Broadband initiative come through in March this year, and registered interest for the communities of Clarks Beach and Patumahoe.

For a quick look at the current state of affairs, visit the Chorus Broadband Capability Map.

Auckland Council have contacted me and the more information we can provide, the more they are able to assess whether Patumahoe would be a suitable recipient of this fund.

Given the increasing residential growth in the community, the existing ADSL system may be less than adequate in the future for providing consistent, reliable and high traffic internet access.

Please take a couple of minutes to fill in the form below, so that we provide a collection of reliable data along with our register of interest.


  1. I am involved in two horticultural businesses and a fast and robust internet connection for the long term that’s not going to be de-railed by the extremely rapid property growth in our area is vital to my business

    Up to recently the connection has been fair, and adequate but already with the new houses being built and the number of residents rapidly increasing the performance has been showing signs of strain re internet connection speed

    It’s important to me our community is pro-active rather than waiting with the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ when a solution is more difficult

    • patumahoe village inc says:

      Thanks Debbie. We don’t have all the information we need as yet about this proposal, but it is really important that as many community members as possible have an opportunity to add to the discussion. Alan Cole is to be commended for putting forward the communities of Clarks Beach and Patumahoe who are undergoing increased residential growth and living density.

      I understand that Patumahoe Primary School already has access to Ultra Fast Broadband, and if it is rolled out to the wider community it would most likely safeguard present and future community access and use for some time.

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